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Outside My Window

Outside My Window: a Bird Watcher's View of the World

with Kate St. John
WQED's computer guru Kate St. John is also an avid birder . . . and blogger!

THIS BLOG HAS MOVED - (posted: 11/29/2015)
caption id "attachment 102317" align "alignnone" width "610" THE BLOG HAS MOVED Click on the blue print above to go to my new location. caption nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp... more

Crows With Red Beaks? - (posted: 11/29/2015)
Some birds on other continents resemble our familiar backyard species. Even if you don't know their names you can make a good guess. For instance the black birds above look a lot like crows. Indeed they are corvids though they're not in t... more

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Rick Sebak's blog

Rick Sebak's Blog

WQED TV producer and PITTSBURGH Magazine back-page writer writes about his current work and assorted other things

Two New PBS Programs Coming Soon - (posted: 03/26/2015)
We're working on A FEW GOOD PIE PLACES and SOME GREAT BAKERIES for PBS. No air dates yet but probably August or early September. more

Whew! BREAKFAST SPECIAL 2: REVENGE OF THE OMELETS is at PBS! - (posted: 11/05/2012)
It's November 5 2012. It's our deadline for delivery of the tape of our new program BREAKFAST SPECIAL 2 REVENGE OF THE OMELETS and I think we've made it. I spent most of the morning on the phone with two good natured and patient folks at... more

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Chris Chat: a blog about food and family with Chris Fennimore

Chris Chat: a blog about food and family
with Chris Fennimore

SCOTCH EGGS - (posted: 03/18/2013)
So Rick Sebak and I made these on the OVER EASY show last week and everyone wants the recipe. Well technically we showed the recipe to entice people to become members of the station and to get the DVD's and the cookbook. But since the recipe i... more

BIG NIGHT SEATS STILL AVAILABLE - (posted: 04/02/2012)
We're getting ready to cut the Timpano We has such a great response to the Big Night Dinner at D'Imperio's on Monday May 7 that we decided to add another night. There are still some seats available for the dinner on Monday April 30. It will... more

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PSO Tour Blog

with Jim Cunningham

Brussels and Stuttgart - (posted: 06/02/2016)
There was lots of kissing going on in the great square in Brussels Belgium known as the Grand Places. Passionate young couples just lost in the moment kissing at length on a rainy Wednesday afternoon. More than you d see in Market Square I m... more

Stadtcasino Basel - (posted: 05/31/2016)
Basel s Stadtcasino is one of the few spots on the tour where something other than the Euro is called for but it isn t a place where you can wager Swiss Francs. Here are three concert halls including one named for Swiss composer Hans Huber who... more

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