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Hunger: Our Hidden Crisis

Pennsylvania's hunger rate is at its highest level since the U.S. Department of Agriculture began collecting data in 1995. What are the challenges still facing Western Pennsylvania? Where are the success stories? Where can local families find additional support? Is everyone taking advantage of the help that is available? What's happening in urban areas? Does the problem exist in rural areas? What policy issues should be addressed? WQED is pleased to collaborate with Highmark in addressing the vital topics of hunger and food insecurity in this series of televised programs, social media interaction and community outreach.

Horizons: Hunger: Our Hidden Crisis
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Grow Pittsburgh
By growing fresh and growing local, Grow Pittsburgh is making a difference in Pittsburgh's urban communities. The organization provides fresh and affordable produce to communities that otherwise lack access. Not only can residents buy produce at their neighborhood farm stand, in some cases, they're eating produce that was grown right down the street. Chris Moore shows us how Grow Pittsburgh is using urban gardens to feed, educate and empower neighbors.
Discussion with Audrey Murrell & Dave Coplan
Host Chris Moore will sit down for a discussion on hunger in our region with Audrey Murrell of Associate Professor of business Administration, Psychology, Public & International Affairs and the Director at the David Berg Center for Ethics & Leadership along with Dave Copland, Executive Director at the Human Services Center.
Awareness & Art
Viewers often hear about food banks and organizations working hard to end hunger and food insecurity. That dedication is invaluable. But sometimes it takes something "out of the ordinary" to raise awareness. It's long been said that art feeds the soul. But works of art can feed the person, too. Beth Dolinar will has the story of local artists whose work helps to explore - and to solve - the problem of hunger.
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Pittsburgh 360: Hunger: Our Hidden Crisis
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Hunger: Overview
From children to people with disabilities...from struggling families to the working poor, Pennsylvania is facing a hunger crisis. According to the USDA, the state's hunger rate is at an all-time high, and this Pittsburgh 360 story breaks down Pennsylvania's hunger and food insecurity statistics to reveal precisely who is hungry, and what the contributing factors are. It also spotlights efforts made by local food Pantries and the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank to help people in need.
Feeding Our Children
It's a growing problem across Western Pennsylvania. Hunger and food insecurity can affect all aspects of a child's life -- from their physical growth to their learning potential. Chris Moore profiles two programs -- one in Wilkinsburg, Allegheny County and another in Waynesburg, Greene County to show how private individuals, charitable organizations and the federal government are taking steps to combat childhood hunger. Blessings in a Backpack P.O. Box 14296 Plum, PA 15239
After the Harvest
Gleaning, it is an ancient practice that goes back to blibical days. It means to clean the fields after the harvest. Today, Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank is using this practice to get more food to people who needs it. In this story "After the Harvest" WQED follows a group of volunteers gleaning a field of corn in Butler County...gathering enough to feed hundreds.
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Our Hidden Crisis: A Summit on Hunger & Food Insecurity
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What are the challenges still facing Western Pennsylvania on the vital topic of hunger and food insecurity? Where are the success stories? Where can local families find additional support? Is everyone taking advantage of the help that is available? These are some of the questions that will be addressed during WQED's broadcast, which features a panel of specialists on various topics dealing with hunger, as well as a participatory audience in the studio, and social media interaction from viewers at home.
Chris Moore
Vic Papale, Director, Southwestern Pennsylvania Food Security Partnership
Bettie Stammerjohn, Executive Director, Community Foundation of Greene County
Lisa A. Scales, CEO, Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank
Curtistine Walker, Director of Pittsburgh Schools Food Service

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