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Trucking with Chris

Bill Howrilla

Bill Howrilla served in the United States Marine Corp. He has since become a Master Wood Carver and Cartoonist. Bill carves iconic images of Marine Drill Instructors that anyone who has ever served would recognize. His carvings have also been given to several Commandants of the Marine Corp. Completely self-taught, he also produces images that evoke the feelings of those family members who welcome their service members home.

What I Did On My Summer Vacation or: Who Let the Dogs Out?

Chris Moore takes a bicycle ride through the Arkansas countryside where he spends his summer vacations and often encounters many canine companions.

Black Voices for Peace

After ten years of protesting the various wars in which America is involved, Black Voices for Peace has decided to end their street corner protests. Every Saturday at one o'clock they have been a regular fixture on the corner of Penn and Highland. Horns honk in agreement with their signs and Chris stopped by to document the close of their very public outcry against war.

Henry Grasso's Sausage

One of the last remaining businesses of what once was a thriving Italian business community on Larimer Avenue is Grasso's Sausage. Through the generations this business is still going strong and continues to make the best Italian sausage in the burgh'.

The Overview

This short video explains the kinds of subjects that the webisode series "Trucking With Chris" is going to cover and why everyone will want to go along for the ride.

Early Learning Hub

The Early Learning Hub in Pittsburgh's Homewood district is designed to teach youngster the value of play and cooperation. "Trucking With Chris" pays them a visit during their second annual community street festival where they invited neighborhood kids of all ages to come and play together.

Baker's Dairy

Baker's has been a fixture in Pittsburgh's Homewood neighborhood for 50 years. Mr. Baker has grown his small delicatessen and convenience store into a small conglomerate that occupies almost a full block. He has now added a full service restaurant and a hand car wash and employs at least 14 people. He is an anchor for Homewood.

The Last Honest Mechanic

Chris takes a trip to Butch Iezzi's Garage in Lincoln in his first webisode.

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featured specials

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featured specials

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