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Sesame Street

Since 1969, children and adults alike have flocked to the place where multiethnic, multigenerational, and even multispecies residents coexist in harmony. The people on this very special street learn life's lessons together, provide viewers with strong role models, and teach children that everyone brings a special ability to the community. Here, children learn to use their imaginations, build social skills, and respect people's differences.

Sesame Street put television to work as an educational tool, and independent research has repeatedly and conclusively proven that the approach succeeds in improving cognitive skills, teaching respect and social skills, and promoting school readiness skills. Children who watch the show as two-year-olds gain an advantage in math, vocabulary, and other school readiness skills by the time they are five.

While Sesame Street's educational approach is key, it leaves plenty of room for humor. Sesame Street's iconic comedic style appeals to children and their parents alike, encouraging intergenerational co-viewing. Most notably, this style includes parodies of popular television shows for grown-ups, such as Mad Men, Waiting for Big, and Man vs. Wild.

Combining education and entertainment through a research-based curriculum, featuring a multicultural cast, and giving kids honest answers to tough questions has made Sesame Street one of the most popular children's television programs in the world.


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Meet the characters of Sesame Street! (pdf)

Games / Online Resources

Play fun learning games with your favorite characters from Sesame Street

Bookmarks, Coloring Pages, and Activities

Create and send e-cards to your friends and family.

For Educators and Parents

Whether you're a parent, teacher, or a caregiver, here are some activities that are fun to do at home, in the classroom, or even in the car. Many of these materials include printable PDF sheets. To access these materials, you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Parent-Child Activities
These activities are designed for you to play and learn with your child at home. Help your child learn a whole range of skills that will him or her grow in many ways: story-telling, healthy eating, counting, and even performing so you can stage your own talent show! Because every activity is related to a specific Sesame Street show, we hope these activities provide a hands-on experience that is fun and engaging for both you and your child.

School Readiness Tips
Read about how to improve your child's cognitive development, social and emotional Development, and healthy habits to get ready for school.

Program Viewing Tips
Children learn best from media that's engaging and developmentally appropriate. Sesame Street is a good example of an educational show that allows you to extend learning in creative ways. This article includes tips on how to make Sesame Street a part of your child's routine.

Literacy Tips
A fun, supportive learning environment at an early age helps secure your child's fundamental love of learning. By exposing your child to educational skills at home, he or she will be better prepared and motivated for the classroom. Try these fun literacy exercises at home!

Language to Literacy
Learn how children develop language and literacy skills as they grow from babies to preschool age, and use these tips to promote their language and literacy development.

Music and Art Together
Music and the arts are fundamental to children's creative expression and their overall growth and learning. As a caregiver, you can help children develop a love of making and exploring music and art.

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