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Super Teachers - Head Start Well Kids

The Head Start / Well Kids Super Teachers developed monthly lesson plans that focused on wellness, safety, and nutrition for early learners. Lessons were aligned to Pennsylvania state educational standards.

Meet The Team!

Cathy Cook

Gina Masciola

Jaime Prinkey

Shannon McGee

Check out the team's lessons for September, which address health, nutrition, and safety topics related to going to the doctor, trying news foods, and pedestrian safety! Explore the downloadable lesson plans with links to online resources and videos, and information about the PA state standards met by these tools.

The Super Teachers also used Sesame Workshop's "Food for Thought" toolkits, which explore nutrition, kid-friendly cooking, and healthy eating on a budget.

Watch our Super Teachers in action as they work with young students during home visits.

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Learn more about the Super Teachers initiative!

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