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Second Grade
Ribbon3rd Place

Benjamin Staniszewski, "The Brag Racer"

Reading Rainbow Story
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Past Winners


1st Place: Madelyn Blodgett, The Pup Explorers

2nd Place: Natalie Yurasits, Sleeping Rose

3rd Place: Caitlyn Mendik, All Baby Animals

First Grade

1st Place: Swagatama Datta, The Lost Bird

2nd Place: Grace Scofield, Puppies for Sale

3rd Place: Benjamin Ramsey, An Adventure in the Forest

Second Grade

1st Place: Vanessa Anthony, The Twinkling Star

2nd Place: Camille Maine, The Crazy Day at the Farm

3rd Place: Benjamin Staniszewski, The Brag Racer

Third Grade

1st Place: Daria Och, Building a Friendship

2nd Place: Hannah Phillips, Annie's Story

3rd Place: Nicole Stengel, The Unknown Gift