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Second Grade
Winner: "Queen's Choice"

Lauren Somers, "The Rainbow That Had No Color"

Reading Rainbow Story
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Past Winners


1st Place: Shreyas Naidu, Brian and Amina

2nd Place: Juliana Oliveira, The Flower

3rd Place: Megan Gall, Rainbow

First Grade

1st Place: Daniela Maria Schafer, The Magic Cupcake

2nd Place: Christa Reese, The Baseball Princess

3rd Place: Nolin Smith, The Cow Who Loved to Eat

Second Grade

1st Place: Sophia Reitz, The Sad Tree

2nd Place: Isaiah Maurice Wilson, When Aaron Comes

3rd Place: Sead Nikšić, Sir William

"Queen's Choice": Lauren Somers, The Rainbow That Had No Color

Third Grade

1st Place: Bridget Babinsack, Dream Days!

2nd Place: Ciara Grace Bailey, Beautiful on the Inside

3rd Place: Sophia Girol, All Because of a Brave Princess