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The WQED Press Room is designed to help editors and reporters quickly access information they need to learn about WQED, its television and radio productions, business operations, educational initiatives, and community engagement activities.

The materials in the WQED Press Room are made available to members of the media for print, broadcast and online promotion of WQED programs and WQED-sponsored events. Any other use requires WQED's prior written permission.

If you are downloading photos or images, you must include the appropriate photo and copyright attribution (e.g., [photographer's name] photo courtesy of WQED). If you have any questions regarding the use or distribution of these materials, please contact ghaziman@wqed.org.

Images may be reproduced in connection with print, broadcast, and online promotion of the program or services of WQED and its business units. No other uses are authorized without securing prior permission from WQED. All rights reserved.



WQED Pittsburgh
4802 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Key Contacts

George Hazimanolis
Senior Director of
Corporate Communications


Maria Pisano
Marketing Associate