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Holiday Table Season 2
Program is designed to bring viewers creative cooking and decorating ideas for the holidays.


Distributed by NETA and Underwritten by Kitchen Aid

PITTSBURGH –Marjorie Poore Productions celebrates another holiday season with thirteen brand new episodes of The Holiday Table series.

The Holiday Table is designed to bring viewers creative cooking and decorating ideas for the holidays. The series is hosted by Chris Fennimore (America’s Home Cooking) and Executive Pastry Chef and cookbook author Emily Luchetti. Taped on location at Alyson's Orchard in New Hampshire, the programs cover holidays from Halloween to Valentines Day including Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and New Years. Additionally, each show features a short tabletop segment presented by some of the country’s leading style experts demonstrating beautiful ways to decorate holiday tables.

Some “spook-tacular” treats for Halloween kick off the season with Black and Orange Witches Hair Pasta, Goblin Juice, and Deviled Eyeballs.

For Thanksgiving, get ready for both traditional and non-traditional offerings with delicious recipes for holiday birds, stuffings, side dishes, and desserts. Offerings include Stuffed Cornish Game Hens, Muffin Stuffing, Cranberry Pumpkin Cakes, Sweet Potato Tartlets, and a Yukon gold potato casserole. The Thanksgiving theme wraps up with an episode dedicated to innovative ideas for Turkey Day leftovers.

The creativity continues with a program illustrating fun and inexpensive holiday gifts from the kitchen. Chris demonstrates how to make Lemoncello, a sweet dessert cordial, while Emily mixes things up with spiced pecans and chocolate almond bark. These and other inventive ideas are sure to inspire your holiday gift list.

Now that the gifts are wrapped and ready to deliver, the holiday celebrations can really begin! A full half-hour program is dedicated to the favorite foods of Chanukah, with special guest Mitchell Davis who makes three different kinds of Chanukah latkes (pancakes). Three episodes of the series then center on the holiday feasting with show themes that include holiday cookies and cakes, a traditional Italian Feast of Seven Fishes and a standing rib roast dinner with delectable trimmings. Later in the series culinary guest Joyce White joins hosts Emily and Chris to prepare dishes in celebration of Kwaanza.

The series concludes with two more mouthwatering half-hour shows. For New Year’s Day an upscale brunch buffet is prepared complete with cornmeal and goat cheese waffles, Scotch eggs, and stuffed French toast. Then for the series grand finale, a chocoholic’s delight, Emily and Chris prepare sweets to make your valentine swoon including chocolate fondue, and double chocolate ice cream sandwiches.

Tabletop segments add special pizzazz to each show with presentations by style illuminaries including Isabelle von Boch and Lord Wedgwood. The experts have dozens of ideas for creating tables that are festive and beautiful no matter what the holiday.

The series produced by Marjorie Poore Productions is presented by WQED Pittsburgh and distributed nationally by the National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA).

The exclusive underwriter of the series is KitchenAid Corporation, makers of high quality large and small kitchen appliances. The cooking segments were filmed on location at Alyson’s Orchard in Walpole, New Hampshire and the tabletop segments were filmed at Macy’s/San Francisco.

WQED Pittsburgh, honored with the 2007 and 2006 Mid-Atlantic Emmy® Award for Station Excellence, was founded in 1954 as the nation’s first community-supported broadcaster. WQED creates, produces and distributes quality programs, products and services to engage, inform, educate and entertain the public within its community and around the world. WQED Pittsburgh is one of the first broadcasters in the country to be fully high-definition (HD) in its studio and field production capabilities. It is the parent company of WQED-TV (PBS); WQED-DT; WQED: The Neighborhood Channel; WQED-HD; WQEX-TV (A ShopNBC affiliate); WQED-FM 89.3/Pittsburgh; WQEJ-FM 89.7/Johnstown; a publishing division that includes PITTSBURGH MAGAZINE; local and national television and radio productions; WQED Interactive (www.wqed.org); and The WQED Education Department.

The Holiday Table is produced by Marjorie Poore Productions, regarded as the leading pioneer of culinary programming since the early 1980’s. Poore launched the careers of numerous celebrity TV chefs, including Jacques Pépin and Martin Yan, and has been responsible for many of PBS’ most successful cooking shows, including Cooking Secrets of the CIA and Cookoff America.

The National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA) is a professional association that serves public television licensees and educational entities in all 50 states, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. NETA serves by connecting people and ideas, by providing quality programming, educational resources, professional development, management support, and national representation.

The Holiday Table 200 series

Episode Descriptions

#201 Spooky Bites

Chris and Emily create Halloween treats that are perfect for any Halloween gathering. Isabelle von Boch sets the mood with a festive Halloween table.

Goblin Juice

Deviled Eyeballs

Witches Hair Pasta

Black and Orange Ice Cream Cake

#202 Antipasti Party

Need ideas for quick ways to entertain family and friends over the holidays? Chris and Emily are putting together colorful and delicious antipasti platters that come together in minutes with all their favorite Italian ingredients. Style expert Susan Bertelsen gives tips on easy and quick ways to decorate the table for holiday entertaining.

Antipasti Platters

Potato Cakes with Smoked Fish and Caviar

#203 Thanksgiving Miniatures

Here’s a Thanksgiving twist: surprise your guests with their own individual portions of all their Thanksgiving favorites. Tabletop expert Nancy Moussette shows how to create a beautiful Thanksgiving table that will be as memorable as the meal.

Stuffed Cornish Game Hens

Patapan Squash, Gingered Baby Carrots and Pearl Onions

Sweet Potato Tartlets

Cranberry Pumpkin Cakes

#204 Thanksgiving: Favorite Sides

Chris and Emily are getting sidetracked with delicious accompaniments for Thanksgiving dinner. Stylist Susan Bertelsen has easy tricks for turning an ordinary table into something that will dazzle your guests.

Muffin Stuffing

Roasted Artichoke Hearts

Best-Ever Mashed Potatoes

Cranberry Tangerine Relish

#205 Thanksgiving Leftovers

Chris and Emily have great ideas for those who like Thanksgiving leftovers as much as -- or more than -- the main dinner. Isabelle von Boch shows how to use color to create a striking tabletop for your holiday guests.

Devonshire Sandwiches

Turkey Croquettes

Savory Bread Pudding

#206 Gifts from the Kitchen

Chris and Emily prove that it is better to head to the kitchen instead of the shopping center to create wonderful homemade gifts that will touch anyone’s heart. Designer Jorge Perez has innovative ideas on packing homemade gifts with style.


Black Bean Soup Mix

Walnut Caramels with Sea Salt

Spiced Pecans

Chocolate Almond Bark

#207 Chanukah: Latkes Three Ways

Guest expert and cookbook author Mitchell Davis makes three delicious variations of the beloved Jewish latke (pancakes) traditionally eaten during Chanukah. Tabletop expert Nancy Moussette reveals the secret for designing beautiful tables.

Zucchini Latkes

Cauliflower Latkes

Cheese Latkes

Slow-Cooked ShortRibs with Wild Mushrooms and Apricots


#208 Best-Ever Holiday Cookies & Cakes

Emily puts her magical baking skills to work creating an assortment of holiday cookies that are as beautiful as they are buttery and delicious. Lord Wedgwood shows how to set an enticing table for high tea.

Ginger Sandwich Cookies with Mascarpone Filling

Chocolate Caramel Pecan Squares

Lord Wedgwood Christmas Fruitcake

#209 Feast of the Seven Fishes

Chris dives into his family cookbook to create the traditional Italian meal called Feast of the Seven Fishes enjoyed by Italians all over the world on Christmas Eve. Napa Valley wine legend Carlo Mondavi is setting the table Italian style.


Shrimp Oreganato

Flounder Rollups

Zabaglione Filled Pannetone

#210 A Traditional Holiday Feast

Chris and Emily are preparing a crowd-pleasing holiday dinner with all-time favorites including a sumptuous standing rib roast and Baked Alaska. Isabelle von Boch creates a toy fantasy on her Christmas dinner table.

Herb-Enrusted Standing Rib Roast


Oven Roasted Tomatoes

Baked Alaska

#211 Joyce White on Kwaanza

Soul food expert Joyce White is whipping up a menu for Kwaanza that will satisfy both your soul and your stomach like none other. Stylist Durand Guion applies tips from the world of fashion to design a stunning and striking Kwaanza table.

GulfCoast Gumbo
Buttermilk Ginger Cake

#212 Uptown Brunch for New Year’s

It’s an uptown celebration for New Year’s Day brunch as Chris and Emily prepare an array of dishes designed to dazzle your guests. Jim O'Leary, designer of the famous Times Square New Year's Eve crystal ball, sets a sparkling New Year's table.

Cornmeal Waffles with Goat Cheese & Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Scotch Eggs

Stuffed French Toast

#213 For Chocolate Lovers Only

Chris and Emily are preparing desserts laden with a heavy dose of both love and chocolate. Lord Wedgwood sets a beautiful and romantic table to showcase these Valentine treats.

Chocolate Fondue

Drunken Chocolate Cake with Rum

Double Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwiches

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