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"Breakfast Special" Goes Out for America's Most Important Meal
A New PBS Documentary Celebrates Traditional And Unusual Morning Treats


CONTACT: Rosemary Martinelli

“Breakfast Special” Goes Out For America’s Most Important Meal
A New PBS Documentary Celebrates Traditional And Unusual Morning Treats

Wake up! PBS is going out for breakfast!

Feasting on buckwheat pancakes in rural New York state, savoring salmon hash in Oregon, tasting the rice porridge called “congee” in San Francisco’s Chinatown, trying grits and gumbo on a Georgia sea island, eating unexpected specialties in unforgettable spots from St. Augustine to Portland — BREAKFAST SPECIAL loves the one-of-a-kind places where diners can find a memorable meal, especially in the morning. The delicious documentary airs Wednesday, July 14, 2010, 8:00-9:00 p.m. ET on PBS, with an encore broadcast Thursday, July 15, 10:00-11:00 p.m. ET. The program features eight great breakfast spots.

Producer and narrator Rick Sebak (responsible for such favorites as A HOT DOG PROGRAM and A RIDE ALONG THE LINCOLN HIGHWAY) has no strict recipe for BREAKFAST SPECIAL, putting together a program that’s part food show, part travelogue, part portrait of America, celebrating the meal that many folks consider the most important of the day. Sebak chats with committed cooks and sly servers, enthusiastic eaters and entrepreneurs, pancake aficionados, “gritty” Southerners and a few funny food bloggers who serve as guides in different parts of the country.

“There’s no way to include all the wonderful places in America to get a good breakfast,” said Sebak. “So we just show a few, and we hope that the program will make you hungry enough to search out a non-chain, not-so-fast food place near you.”

Sebak and his hungry crew traveled coast to coast for outstanding breakfasts. In Columbus, Ohio they met up with Nick Dekker, who writes the blog called “Breakfast With Nick,” and followed him to a neighborhood place that unabashedly calls itself “The Best” and to a newer spot called simply “Skillet.” Surprises at those Ohio spots include a breakfast risotto with apples and some superb creamed chipped beef that many military veterans know affectionately as “S.O.S.”

“We just wanted to find interesting, tasty food in places that still stand alone: mom-and-pop type restaurants, local landmarks and places where passionate pancake flippers call the shots,” said Sebak. “We found many eateries where I’d be happy to stand in line on a Sunday morning.”

Lots of people stand patiently outside a place called The Breakfast Club every weekend on Tybee Island near Savannah, Georgia. People in Portland, Oregon, serve themselves coffee while they wait for a table at the popular place called the Tin Shed. And folks from all over western New York state line up on frosty mornings for buckwheat pancakes at Cartwright’s Maple Tree Inn, where the maple syrup is made downstairs, but the place is open only eight weeks every year.

At a Cuban café in St. Augustine, Florida, the owner whips up an egg-and-pork dish he calls a “guajiro.” And in California, you can choose what you’d most like to add – from pork or chicken to fish and lobster – to the traditional rice porridge served in Chinatown. There are no rules about what to eat for a great and memorable breakfast.

For more information about the BREAKFAST SPECIAL and to read Rick’s tales of traveling and shooting around the country, check out the website and blog at www.wqed.org/breakfast.

BREAKFAST SPECIAL was made possible by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and by contributions to PBS stations from viewers nationwide.

BREAKFAST SPECIAL will be available from PBS Home Video at ShopPBS.org; 800-531-4727, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Note to Working Press: For interviews with Rick Sebak and for additional photos, contact Rosemary Martinelli at 412-622-6433 or rmartine@wqed.org.

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