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The War That Made America
The War That Made America brings to life the French and Indian War, a vastly important but poorly understood chapter in our nation’s history that set the American colonies – and George Washington – on a completely unexpected path to Revolution.

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Additional documents:
Film credits - List of producing company, executive producers, producers, writers, directors, editors, photographers, and sound.

The War That Made America Funders -

The War That Made America Partners - The War That Made America is the result of a unique public-private partnership between WQED and a consortium of civic organizations, philanthropic foundations and French and Indian War sites.

The War That Made America Viewer's Guide - A synopsis of all four parts of the film. Part One - A Country Between. Part Two - Unlikely Allies. Part Three - Turning the Tide. Part Four - Unintended Consequences.

French and Indian War background - Historical background of the French and Indian War



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