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June 22, 2011

Maria Pisano


PITTSBURGH - WQED will air a dozen fascinating programs that feature mankind’s attempts to gain a better understanding of the world in which we live. These shows highlight the determination of brilliant scientists, explorers, and archaeologists and their efforts to discover the unknown. Their commitment to inquiry and innovation provides us with a first-hand glimpse into the vast beauty of Mother Nature and her mysterious creatures. From the age of pre-historic beasts to the dawn of early civilization, join us this summer on our quest for knowledge.

Nature, “The Gorilla King” airs on Sun, 7/3 at 8pm and Wed, 7/6 at 8pm
Young researcher Kelly Stewart observes the growth and development of a silverback gorilla. The story begins in 1974 when she observes “Titus” from infancy and continues into his present reign as a prominent leader of the pack.

NOVA “Ape Genius” airs Wed, 7/6 at 9pm
An investigation of the mental capabilities of the primate species. The research shows that our evolutionary predecessors may be smarter than we think. The experiments show the complex mental and emotional aptitude of the species and it provides more information regarding humans as well.

How Smart Are Animals? Airs on Wed, 7/6 at 10pm
How well can we understand what’s going on in the brains of non-human animals? Do our pets have the same feelings we do? How smart are animals, really?

Atlantic Crossing: A Robot’s Daring Mission airs on Wed, 7/13 at 8pm
Across the ocean from New Jersey to Spain follow Scott Glenn, his crew, and “Scarlet,” the first autonomous underwater robot as they endure the many challenges and obstacles of the ocean. “Scarlet” revolutionized oceanography and she now has her own exhibit in the Smithsonian Museum’s Ocean Hall.

NOVA “Kings of Camouflage” airs on Wed, 7/13 at 9pm
An in depth look at the Cuttlefish. A master of disguise this fish can change its shape, color, and even impersonate the opposite sex. They have to largest brain-to-body ratio of all the invertebrates but just how smart are they?

Jean-Michel Cousteau: Ocean Adventures “Sea Ghosts” airs on Wed, 7/13 at 10pm
Jean-Michel Cousteau along with his son and daughter travel far to the waters of the arctic north to observe the majestic beluga whales. These mammals use complex sonar and survive in frigid conditions but some of them are disappearing, find out why.

Secrets of the Dead “Lost in the Amazon” airs on Wed, 7/20 at 8pm
What really happened to famed adventurer Col. Perry Fawcett? In 1925 he went looking for a city of gold in the Amazon, the Lost City of “Z.” Follow the clues as researchers uncover this infamous archaeological mystery and discover more than they anticipate.

NOVA “The Great Inca Rebellion” airs on Wed, 7/20 at 9pm
Peruvian archaeologist Guillermo Cock discovers the remains of Inca warriors from their battles against cavalry during the Spanish conquest of Peru. From these findings he gains a better understanding of the brutality of this conflict and the reality of the Inca’s defeat in 1532. The more Guillermo and his crew learn the more they begin to consider that perhaps the popular beliefs regarding the defeat of this sophisticated people are false.

Secrets of the Dead “Aztec Massacre” airs on Wed, 7/20 at 10pm
A recent discovery in Mexico City suggests that the Aztec people of the 15th century were not what historians had thought. The bodies found shows that the Aztec people brutally sacrificed many people including the Spanish Conquistadors in barbaric and ritualistic fashion.

NOVA “Lizard Kings” airs on Wed, 7/27 at 8pm
This ancient predator is a cunning hunter with sharp teeth and claws. The largest lizards on the earth, the monitor lizards.

NOVA “Arctic Dinosaurs” airs on Wed, 7/27 at 9pm
Paleontologists explore Alaska’s North Slope and collect a multitude of new clues about the dinosaurs who were able to thrive in the coldest of conditions. With Alaska’s spectacular wilderness as a backdrop, this program will reveal a prehistoric lost world for the first time on television.

Dinosaur Wars: American Experience airs on Wed, 7/27 at 10pm
Othniel Charles Marsh and Edward Drinker Cope were the top two paleontologists of their time. Each man competed bitterly against one another starting in 1868 when they both began to discover a multitude of dinosaur fossils in the American West. Their findings provided evidence for Darwin’s evolutionary theory and helped put American science on the world stage. However, their healthy competition quickly turned into an ugly feud with each party sabotaging the other and destroying one another’s careers.

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