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WQED's Rick Sebak Takes a Look at Things "Right Beside The River"
WQED producer Rick Sebak celebrates the Pittsburgh region's rivers and the things you find relatively close to them.


Premieres August 20 on WQED-TV

PITTSBURGH -- One big reason why this part of the world is such a great place to live is because we have many rivers. Pittsburgh brags about the Allegheny, the Monongahela and the Ohio, but those are just three of the streams that have fostered settlement and development and surprises around here.

WQED producer Rick Sebak and his team of collaborators are celebrating our rivers and all sorts of things you can find relatively close to them in a new program titled Right Beside The River. It premieres Thursday, August 20 at 8 pm on WQED-TV.

“I don’t think I ever said the word ‘Kiskiminetas’ before we started to work on this program”, said Sebak, “but now I know it’s the full name of the Kiski River. It’s the biggest tributary of the Allegheny, it’s where you’ll find the fascinating steel town of Vandergrift, and it’s where I slipped on the bank and ended up washing mud off my pants on a sunny spring day. It was just part of our constant search for surprises.”

So, in this new travelogue of sorts, Sebak and crew visit the big Native-American burial mound just down the Ohio River at Moundsville, West Virginia, and end up visiting several places in the Panhandle. They find surprises along the Monongahela from Pittsburgh’s South Side to Fredericktown, and several places in between. They head for Springdale and Cadogan, both on the Allegheny, and zip down to West Newton on the Youghiogheny to see what unusual things they could see there.

The documentary also includes visits to Verona, to Old Economy, and to the factory beside the Ohio River where, in the early 1940s, U.S. Steel's American Bridge division built LSTs, the biggest ships ever made in the Pittsburgh area.

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