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A Ride Along The Lincoln Highway
Rick Sebak's national PBS special looks at the nation's first transcontinental highway

Eat Pennsylvania: A Keystone Plate Special with Dave & Dave
The Commonwealth is the backdrop for a showcase of charmingly different eateries and restaurants.

Holiday Table Season 2
Program is designed to bring viewers creative cooking and decorating ideas for the holidays.

America's Home Cooking: Easy Recipes for Thrifty Cooking
WQED Pittsburgh’s Chris Fennimore takes to the kitchen to prepare recipes used by thrifty gourmets for years.

Sanwiches That You Will Like
Sandwiches That You Will Like is an exciting explosion of American voices talking about favorite sandwiches, tastes, traditions and toppings.

An Ice Cream Show
An Ice Cream Show is a warm and friendly celebration of America's favorite frozen dessert and the places where you can buy a scoop.

'C' is for Cake Cooking Marathon
C is for Cake is WQED's newest cooking marathon and is a scrumptious assortment of delectable confections frpm recipes sent in by viewers.

List of WQED cooking shows since 1993
WQED has produced cooking marathons with Chris Fennimore since 1993. These programs have been popular with local and national audiences and have been used as successful fund raising vehicles.

A Hot Dog Program
Producer Rick Sebak's All-American celebration of those fabulous and phenomenally popular little sausages in their soft little buns.



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