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Releases Tagged: Pittsburgh History

Invented, Engineered & Pioneered In Pittsburgh
Produced as part of WQED's celebration of Pittsburgh's 250th birthday, this program celebrated the innovative spirit of Pittsburgh and the engineers who make it possible.

Fly Boys: Western Pennsylvania's Tuskegee Airmen
The story of the struggle and ultimate triumph of African American pilots in World War II

The War That Made America
The War That Made America brings to life the French and Indian War, a vastly important but poorly understood chapter in our nation’s history that set the American colonies – and George Washington – on a completely unexpected path to Revolution.

WQED's Black Horizons Celebrates 40th Anniversary
The nation's longest-running minority affairs program celebrates forty years of serving the region's African American population

It's The Neighborhoods
A program that celebrates areas in western Pennsylvania that illustrate some of the factors that make neighborhoods around here charming and comfortable places to live.

The Old Children's Hospital - A Life Saving Legacy
OnQ's Tonia Caruso takes a look back at how Children's Hospital first began and at the life saving innovations that were pioneered there.

Plans for Flight 93 Memorial Highlighted on OnQ Magazine
A summary of WQED's plans for a community engagement initiative with the National Parks Service.

WQED's Rick Sebak Takes a Look at Things "Right Beside The River"
WQED producer Rick Sebak celebrates the Pittsburgh region's rivers and the things you find relatively close to them.

WQED Commemorates Tenth Anniversary of September 11
"Return to Shanksville" honors crew and passengers of Flight 93.



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