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Zippo Case Museum

Mister Ed's Elephant Museum

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We've all been to stuffy museums. You know, the kind of places where you're not allowed to touch anything and you have to be really quiet. Well forget about those boring bone-yards because Dave & Dave are traveling across the Commonwealth, uncovering the quirkiest, most offbeat, and just plain fun, small-museums Pennsylvania has to offer. And more than that, we introduce you to the people behind the collections, and find out what drives them to not only keep this stuff, but show it off!

Dave & Dave (Rhodes & Hallewell) produce and host this remarkable collection of Pennsylvania's "true" riches. Our style, part Barnum & Bailey, part Hanna-Barbera, will make for the most un-museum, museum show ever! And that's a good thing.

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The Museums

bulletThe Zippo Case Museum - (Bradford)
A museum at the World Headquarters of the folks who make Zippo lighters and fire. View Snapshots | Bonus Clip | Zippo Trivia

bulletLittle League Museum - (Williamsport)
A big museum for a little league. View Snapshots

bulletEaston Museum of Pez Dispensers - (Easton)
One of only three in the country with over 1,800 Pez dispensers displayed as they would be seen in the wild... tasty! View Snapshots

bulletMr. Ed's Elephant Museum - (Orrtanna)
If one elephant is good, then 6,000 must be great! View Snapshots | Bonus Clip

bulletToy Robot Museum - (Adamstown)
From "Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em Robots" to the robot from Lost in Space, it's all here! View Snapshots

bulletHarry Houdini Museum - (Scranton)
The only museum in the world totally dedicated to Houdini. And it's in Scranton? We'll find out why. View Snapshots

bulletPennsylvania Lumber Museum - (Galeton)
A world of wood that features a full scale logging camp dedicated to the state's logging history. We get to visit during the 33rd annual Bark Peeling Convention for lots of fun with wood. View Snapshots | Bonus Clip 1 | Bonus Clip 2

bulletInsectarium - (Philadephia)
America's largest museum dedicated entirely to insects. Oooh. View Snapshots | Bonus Clip

bulletWestern PA Model Railroad Museum - (Pittsburgh)
A model railroad museum that is historical in its display that will take you from Pittsburgh to Cumberland, Maryland...at least it would if you were really small. View Snapshots

bulletEast Broad Top Railroad - (Rock Hill Furnace)
A museum on wheels, literally. This is the last remaining narrow-gauge railroad operating East of the Mississippi, and we'll explain what that means. View Snapshots

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featured specials

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