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There are a lot of great places and events in Pennsylvania. And, there are a lot of strange places and events that happen to be great. Intrepid hosts, "Dave & Dave" are scouring the Commonwealth once again for just those sorts of magical people, places and things that make the Keystone State someplace special.

If you live in Pennsylvania and have a TV that gets a PBS station, then perhaps you've already seen the Telly Award-winning, Eat Pennsylvania, an 11-course meal of belly-busting PA food, or Pennsylvania's Offbeat Museums, a fun peek inside PA's best small-museums.

For the next chapter in Dave & Dave's "docu-comedy" series devoted to the gems of Pennsylvania, get ready to celebrate the strangest and most unusual people, places and events this state has to offer. It's called simply enough, Strange Pennsylvania, and will feature almost a dozen memorable stops. Cue the Outer Limits music!

Where "the Daves" are going...

"Blobfest" (Phoenixville)
Every July, the owners of the Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville stage a weekend called "Blobfest" - a celebration of the classic horror film, The Blob, and also the location where the climax from the 1958 shocker was filmed. The weekend of offbeat festivities culminates with a reenactment of the movie's pivotal scene. Expect lots of screaming! View Snapshots

The Caboose Motel (Titusville)
For a truly unique sleeping experience, why not try a hotel made up entirely of railroad caboose cars? View Snapshots

Gravity Hill (New Paris)
So your car is going downhill but you're rolling backwards ...how does that work? Is it science? Or is it something else? Insert diabolical laughter here. View Snapshots | Bonus Clip

Lawn Mower Racing (Butler County)
Just like any other kind of racing you're used to... but on lawn tractors! Not only does the Shadetree Speedway feature the adrenaline of NASCAR, but they also have the nicest grass this side of Kentucky! View Snapshots | Bonus Clip

Read Between the Signs (Meadville)
In Meadville along Route 322, there is a unique art project going on at the PennDot building. Since 2002, students from Allegheny College and other universities have been erecting a 1,200 foot fence made entirely out of recycled road signs. And it has to be seen to be believed. View Snapshots

Archbald Pothole State Park (Lackawanna County)
Hold on to your hubcaps, it's a state park containing the world's largest pothole! We will take you where even PennDot fears to go! View Snapshots

Land of Little Horses (Gettysburg)
It's just like the name suggests... A magical land of little horses. Giddy up lil' doggies! View Snapshots | Bonus Clip 1 | Bonus Clip 2

Ringing Rocks State Park (Bucks County)
Boulders both big and small populate this PA State Park, but here's the twist; when you hit the rocks with a hammer, they ring like bells. "Chopsticks" never sounded so strange! View Snapshots | Bonus Clip

Wiener Dog Races (Pittsburgh)
It's the Kentucky Derby for dogs of the short-legged variety. It's the "Wiener 100" at classic Kennywood Park! Please, no wagering. View Snapshots

Mutter Museum (Philadelphia)
A museum of medical oddities that was founded to educate future doctors about anatomy and human medical anomalies. Strange? You bet! View Snapshots | Bonus Clip

Dunkel's Gulf Gas Station (Bedford)
It's an old-fashioned gas station that was designed by an architect who specialized in churches. This one looks like an Egyptian temple. Sure the price of gas is high, but when you're pumping unleaded surrounded by classic polychrome tile, somehow it just seems worth it. View Snapshots

Backyard Castle (New Milford)
Most people have hobbies like stamp collecting, bowling or knitting, but we'll introduce you to a man whose passion is... Castle building! And we'll show you his castle too! View Snapshots

Dinosaurs in Erie (Northeast)
There's always that one house in every neighborhood that has a yard full of unusual stuff... but we'll take you to an Erie home crawling with giant dinosaurs and elephants. View Snapshots


featured specials

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