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Leo Beachy: A Legacy Nearly Lost
Leo Beachy's unforgettable photographs of Western Maryland, West Virginia and Pennsylvania in the early 1900s, once believed destroyed forever, have been resurrected.
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Little People, The
An OnQ Special Report
They like to be called "the little people" or dwarfs. They know people make fun of them by calling them "midgets" or "shorty." Yet, through all the condescending stares and cruel jokes, the little people triumph by living normal lives just like everyone else.
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Long Road to Recovery
An OnQ Special Report
OnQ reports the amazing story of a burn survivor.
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Losing Lambert: A Journey Through Survival & Hope
An OnQ Documentary
"What did i do wrong? How did I cause this? Why couldn't I see his pain?" Those were just some of the haunting questions for Kathy O'Hern Fowler when she lost her teenage son, Lambert Hillman, to suicide in 1995. Kathy spent years struggling with loss and grief, but would eventually move into a life-altering role as an advocate for other parents who tragically find themselves in the same position.
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featured specials

WQED is proud to partner with Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield to cover important health topics. "Living With Mental Illness" explores diagnosis, treatment and ending the stigma associated with behavioral health issues. The "Men & Cancer" and "Women & Cancer" series reports on early detection and the latest treatment of cancers most commonly associated with men and women.


  • WQED first told her story in "Portraits for the Home Front." Now the legacy of Elizabeth Black continues in a new documentary.