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Big Savage Tunnel
An OnQ Special Report
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Big Savage Train TunnelThis engineering marvel used to be a passage for The Western Maryland Railway as its trains cut through a Somerset County mountain in Pennsylvania. When the train tracks from Pittsburgh to Cumberland, Maryland eventually became the Great Allegheny Passage biking and hiking trail, the Big Savage Tunnel's deplorable condition was a major obstacle for bicyclists trying to connect with the C&O Canal trail into Washington, D.C.

Shooting at Big SavageABOVE: The Big Savage Tunnel
during its years of operation.

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ABOVE: WQED-TV's David Solomon
and Paul Ruggieri interview construction
management supervisor Rolland "Rhody"

OnQ's Emmy-winning production team of David Solomon and Paul Ruggieri have followed the tunnel's impressive restoration project for three years. Now, David and Paul chronicle the history, renovation and re-opening of the Big Savage Tunnel.

Big Savage in ruins
Construction at Big Savage

Big Savage before renovation.

Construction crew at work.

Inside the Big Savage Tunnel
Biker enters Big Savage Tunnel

Rhodomoyer and Brett Hollern, Somerset County Trail Coordinator, inspect lights inside Big Savage.

Bikers finally pass through Big Savage Tunnel in May 2006.

Bikers enter Big Savage Tunnel



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