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Remember that breakfast place? You know, the one with the best pancakes? The eggs done perfectly? Something unusual or unexpected? Maybe you happened upon a great little spot on your summer vacation. Or maybe there's a place in your own neighborhood that does "sunny side up" just right.

Well, we want to know about it!

Why? Because here at WQED we're making a new show called "Breakfast Special," and we want people from all over the country to tell us why their favorite breakfast place is so special. So whether it's a diner or a swanky four-star establishment, tell me about it. Maybe we'll put it in the show!


Comment from Tom & Holly on 12/04/2010

Zaftigs Delicatessen, Brookline MA
As we follow our grown-up kids around the country while they find jobs and spouses, we find some great breakfast places. Zaftigs describes themselves as a "new Jewish style" delicatessen, with some traditional and some unusual fare. And best of all - they serve breakfast all day!

Comment from Tom & Holly on 12/04/2010

Millies Diner, Richmond VA
As we follow our grown-up kids to new jobs in various parts of the country we find great new breakfast places. Millies serves up different combinations of familiar breakfast fare with a little extra zing added. Can't wait to go back again! http://www.milliesdiner.com/

Comment from Pete Myer on 10/03/2010

The best breakfasts I know are: (a) the Buffalo Grille in Houston, Texas (http://www.thebuffalogrille.com/bissonnet.htm), where they offer a full menu of Tex-Mex breakfasts and the best (and biggest) pancakes in town; and (b) Surrey's Cafe & Juice Bar in New Orleans (http://www.surreyscafeandjuicebar.com/Surreys-New-Orleans-Restaurant.html), where the whole menu is inventive and healthy, but (for me) the corned beef hash with boudin and andouille sausage is sublime.

Pete Myer

Comment from Claire Poff on 09/06/2010

The Champagne breakfast served only on Sundays at Granny's Restaurant in Laughlin, NV. The best and most varied food I have ever tasted. Even the Waiters/Waitresses give outstanding service.

Comment from Katy on 08/23/2010

Fred's Breakfast in New Hope, PA...unlike anything else in attitude and food. It is a members only breakfast club. Members can bring friends, the coffee is free and self serve, and the food is incredible. Homemade breakfast breads, pastries, etc...not to mention the classics. Check out the website. http://www.fredsbreakfast.com/ I am not a member, so don't ask me to let you in!

Comment from Jay Giffen on 08/15/2010

Colonial Grill. It's a classic in downtown Irwin PA

Comment from Courtney on 08/12/2010

Great show, just saw it last night. You need to check out 2 in the Boston area:

1) Centre Street Cafe in JP: http://www.centrestcafe.com/

2) The Friendly Toast in Cambridge: http://www.thefriendlytoast.net/

Both have great food!

Comment from Jim Dorrell on 08/10/2010

Rolling Meadows Illinois (Chicago, NW Burb), Egglectic Cafe, awesome Eggs Benedict, and if you like omelets, ask for the Chuckwagon! Yummmmm

Comment from kristie tilden on 08/07/2010

Goldy's Breakfast Bistro in Boise Idaho. Voted Best Breakfast in Boise 10 years in a row.

Comment from Annette James on 08/05/2010

We had a terrific breakfast while on vacation a few years ago at a little place in Sandwich, MA, called The Marshlands. They're only open for breakfast & lunch, and went there on a recommendation from the desk clerk at the hotel where we were staying. There was a line out the door, and no wonder, when you tried their waffles w/berry butter. Delish!!

Comment from Mandy Cat on 08/02/2010

We left the Denver CO area last spring and one of the places we'll really miss is The Perfect Landing at Centennial Regional Airport. It's one of those restaurants you'd never guess was there or how good it is. It's upstairs in the main building of the airport, so you can watch the planes coming and going. Although we enjoyed their lunches and dinners, their breakfasts were our all time favorites. They have a large breakfast menu but we usually stuck with the huevo rancheros, the breakfast burrito or the scratch corned beef hash -- all served with the best country fried potatoes ever. Unless you're extra hungry, ask about their shared breakfast; they'll split a breakfast serving, add extra potatoes and fruit and charge you a minimal additional amount.

Go early on the weekends or you'll be lined up 16 deep.

Comment from Bill Ziegmond on 08/01/2010

G & G restaurant in Vandergrift PA is the place for Breakfast if you leave hungry it's because u haven't cleaned your plate off. http://www.gandgrestaurant.com/

Comment from Geof Drummond on 07/20/2010

Rick A really nice show, but at a time when everyone from the president and first lady down through the school lunchroom are taking a hard look at issues of obesity, nutrition and America's eating habits, BREAKFAST SPECIAL is putting a glowing spotlight on huge portions of high fat, high calorie meals eaten by what at least appears to be predominantly overweight people. Feels like the wrong message to me.

Comment from Rosalie on 07/18/2010

Where was that restaurant that was only open for 2 months a year??

Comment from Don Smith on 07/15/2010

Go to the Frontier in Albuquerque (NM...). Not only do they have the most fabulous huevos rancheros, it's the best place in town to people watch. It started out as a corner store and over the years has taken over a whole block.

Comment from Phoebe on 07/15/2010

The best breakfast place for crepes is Anita's Crepe in Fremont. They make the best crepe with ham, eggs, etc.


The other really good breakfast place is "The Dish" and "Portage Bay." The dish serves coffee outside while you wait. The place is small but cozy and the waitresses are friendly. There is normally a line on the weekends but the turnaround is pretty fast.

"The Portage Bay" uses sustainable local ingredients which makes their food so delicious. They make really awesome omelettes.

Comment from Nate McKenzie on 07/15/2010

The ANCIENT cast iron grill they use at the "Triple XXX" restaurant in West Lafayette Indiana makes the best eggs & taters you ever ate. EXCELLENT pancakes (secret recipe) too!

Comment from Leslie Hines on 07/15/2010

My favorite breakfast place in the world is Elmer's House of Pancakes in Portland, Oregon. The food is never anything less than amazing, from the sweet and lemony German's to the hearty and wholesome buckwheats. The atmosphere is great...very family friendly, lot's of chatty voices, bright, open...the best there is!

Comment from Thanks Alot on 07/15/2010

I loved your show.

Maybe someday one of these:


could prepare breakfast from anywhere in the world:


Comment from Eva K Graham on 07/14/2010

I have been eating at Frank's Deli at 1406 Main Street in Asbury Park, NJ over a period of thirty years and have never been disappointed with my breakfast! I have the #1... scrambled eggs (that are made with heavy cream), bacon, home fries and and toast. You also get a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice with the meal. I have them add some American cheese to my eggs and it has the best taste on the planet! They have baked goods as well as many other deli items. Even tho I live in Virginia, I consider myself a "local" at Frank's because I eat at the counter with a cast of characters that has remained over the years! Here's some info from Yelp, I hope you will consider them for a future show because I truly feel that they meet your criteria! Thank you. Eva Graham

Comment from Josh on 07/14/2010

Just saw the special on PBS. No Al's Breakfast (in Minneapolis)? Seriously? It cannot be a show about breakfast without Al's. Hop on a plane, go to Dinkytown in Minneapolis, wait on line, and learn what breakfast is.

Comment from joe parsons on 07/14/2010

Bonnatt’s Bakery & Restaurant
537 Route 28
Harwich, MA 02646
(508) 432-7199
Raspberry-stuffed French toast and lobster eggs Benedict. Need I say more?

Comment from Christina on 07/06/2010

In Juneau, Alaska there is a place called The Southeast Waffle Company. They only serve waffles,but there are a lot of choices for the kind of waffle you want. My favorite breakfast there is chocolate chip waffle with peanut butter on the side, and a cup of hot chocolate. The atmosphere is great, and the waffles hit the spot!

Comment from Russ and Colleen Barley on 04/03/2010

While it's not a breakfast place, the Maple Syrup Festival at Brady's Run Park in Beaver County is a favorite for hundreds of people in the area. And, since it only happens one weekend each year, the lines for pancakes(regular and buckwheat), sausage, and freshly made maple syrup (nothing like the store-bought kind) get longer and longer every year. People are known to wait for over two hours just to get their taste of the stuff! It also serves a great cause as the festival helps to fund the Conservation District who is in charge of the upkeep of the park. This year, the festival will be held on Saturday and Sunday, April 10-11. We'd love to see you there!

Comment from Anna Domonkos on 03/29/2010

The Colonial Grille in Irwin is the best breakfast place ever. However I do have to admit that I manage the place...I still think we have the best breakfast. We would not have won the Gold Award in the Tribune Review if we were not. It is amazing how much food we can prepare in such little time and little space. I cook with the owner Gary Santimyer on the weekends and we usually do not speak much about what is going on. We have a natural way of doing things and can prepare breakfast for hundreds of people right before your eyes. Yes the Grille is open to see and we prepare everything on one grill and two toasters. The great staff we have is also one of the best factors too. Please give us a try.

Anna Domonkos

Comment from Victor Giannotta on 03/28/2010

Rey's Diner, Coraopolis. It's a small, old school diner right off the beaten path, and my wife and I have never had a bad breakfast there. Also, you can't beat the price. It's open from early morning until 3:00 p.m.

Comment from Cindy Monaco on 03/25/2010

The New Brighton Hot Dog Shop (not in New Brighton, but in Vanport/Beaver, PA) is the only was I can get my sister (Becky from Frank's) to drive "all the way" to Beaver County. They cook a perfect egg and homefries. My daughter loves their pancakes and it is one place where you can order a carafe of OJ. They are famous for their hot dogs and french fries with fixin's - but, their breakfasts are the best - and at a good price.

Comment from Ron Weber on 02/23/2010

Dear Rick: Chubb's Place in North Park has a breakfast called L-PO for people. It is hash type meal - eggs, sausage, peppers, onions, etc. I always tell people to try it, but they wonder about the name.


Comment from Bob Marshall on 02/16/2010

Hi Rick!

Even though I have opened and operated 3 Diners, I still watch your old diner special every chance I get!! I think it drove me to the business! Please read my review by Munch of the Post Gazette and give us some consideration.
( by the way Eleanor Schano and I are first cousins!!, she speaks highly of you )

Bob Marshall
Bobs Diners

Comment from Claire on 02/15/2010

Bob's Kennedy Diner -- it's my dad's third breakfast place and he has it perfected. It's the same menu with classic diner items made to order, complete with fantastic coffee and a friendly staff - no crude "attitude" here. Check out the review in the Post Gazette or our rating on Urban Spoon. Definitely the next classic Pittsburgh breakfast place.


Comment from Rosemary Baker on 02/11/2010

We visit St. Augustine, FL just about every Oct. and love the Wildflower Cafe for breakfast (lunch and dinner too). The food is excellent, not your everyday menu and the service is the best. Everything there is fresh and welcoming.

Comment from Jillian Butler on 02/09/2010

Homemade Restaurant in Home, Pa. It's a down home, old fashioned restaurant that serves your mom's favorite comfort foods in town. They have booths along the walls and tables in the middle. The walls are lined with group photos of business donaters across the pa region. The businesses make up the support of the entire restaurant inside and out. There is an outside put put golf course right outside. The specials are the most fantastic meals of the day. They are very affordable for a great amount of food on one plate. There famous for there pancakes. You can order them with fruit, nuts, chocolate, caramel, peanut butter fluffer nutter,etc. You name it, they will put it in the batter. They make there own syrup varieties and in the any amount of stacks you choose. I order the short stack made with blueberries with blueberry syrup and whipped cream and sausage. The staff is made of hometown employees and the regulars come everyday. It's a 20 minute drive from my home and a 5 minute drive from our family campground. Make sure you bring extra money, they sell there variety of syrup flavors and homemade ice cream pints in the tiny little shop inside.

Comment from Amanda on 02/08/2010

Schall's Restaurant in elderton, PA. It's a mom & pop place housed in a big log cabin style building along the road. They have a dining room and a counter are and a few booths along the wall. We like to sit along the wall - every booth has memorabilia brought in by the owners. Our favorite is an old war photo of the troops lined up for a group picture. I think it's dated 1939 - but I could be wrong. The best thing on the menu if you like to eat is the Threshermen's Breakfast. Pancakes, sausage, eggs, bacon, toast, english muffin, fruit, etc. All on one plate. The staff is made up of all locals and it's not uncommon to see the same folks in there for breakfast week after week. It's a 35 minute drive from our house and we still go for something special on a sunday morning. (Bring $$ they make excellent pies to take home!)

Comment from Sarah Williams-Devereux on 01/28/2010

Zenith Cafe, on the South Side. An amazing brunch -- tons of delicious salads and cakes, wonderful pancakes and French toast and tasty things. And the decor is out of sight. My husband and I got married there because we loved the place, and their food!

Also...Coca Cafe: the fresh-squeezed OJ alone!!!

There's also the bed and breakfast route...one of our favorites is the Quill Haven Country Inn -- wonderful blueberry french toast, and a warm, comfy setting.

Comment from Kathy Fichter on 01/25/2010

Joe's Rusty Nail in Bellevue, PA is a well guarded secret. It's very quaint and has the best French Toast made from thick sliced Italian Bread. The portions are very generous, the price is right, and Joe the owner (who doubles as one of the cooks) will often go from table to table asking each guest how they like their breakfast. Now that's service!

Comment from Linda Hjelm on 01/22/2010

The Testy Chef in Maple Valley has the very best biscuits and gravy I have ever tasted. It's a very small restaurant and on Sunday morning, watching the cook do her thing at the grill is absolutely fascinating. She deserves an Olympic medal in cooking for keeping all the orders straight and producing such good food!

Comment from Dae Lynn Helm on 01/21/2010

My husband and I are from Pittsburgh. We own the Wildflower Cafe in St. Augustine, FL since the day after the Steelers won the Super Bowl 2006. We have recently received recognition for Best Breakfast in St. Augustine 2009 and we have many regular customers who agree. Please check out our web site at http://www.wildflowercafefl.com to view our menu and information about us. Also, notice this site who made note of our Special Steeler men's room. It has many of our men customers bringing their wives into the mens room to share a laugh. http://www.roadsideamerica.com/tip/18367
My father loves your show and we wish you the best of luck.
Dae Lynn Helm
Wildflower Cafe
4320 A1A South
St. Augustine, FL 32080

Comment from Christian Gass on 01/18/2010

Pittsburgh Bagel & Coffee Co in Meadville, PA has an amazing selection of bagel sandwiches and breakfast goodies.

Comment from Ray D. on 01/14/2010

Tony's I-75 Restaurant, Birch Run, MI

Huge portions (especially Bacon).

Comment from cheryl soergel on 01/11/2010

We live in Butler County and our family's favorite place is call Country Kitchen. They serve good food at a fair price and the waitress is very fast. My son loves the poached eggs with sausage gravy and the homefries are wonderful.

Comment from Frank Duda on 01/09/2010

camelot restaurant in Slippery Rock. 99 cents for egg and bacon---good deal and fast.

Comment from Edward on 12/29/2009

You can find eggs, bacon, toast, pancakes and hash browns just about anywhere. If you want something a little different then I suggest coming to Austin, Texas and trying out some breakfast tacos/burritos over at Juan in a Million!!!
I recommend the "Duan Juan," ("DON JUAN" - El Taco Grande. A secret combination of potato, egg, bacon and cheese in a deliciously hot tortilla. $3.60)


P.S. Come a day early before you start taping, check out 6th street and the Austin nightlife b/c the Don Juan is the ultimate hangover food, haha! Another thing, the owner was awarded the "Best Handshake" award, so you'll just have to come and find out what that's all about.

Comment from Tony on 12/29/2009

This is a great place in Austin. Really known for their pancakes or for some late night eating when studying for finals at UT (breakfast doesn't always have to be in the morning, I actually like it late at night to tell you the truth). I recommend the blueberry pancakes or apple cinnamon. They normally have a pancake special written up o the wall (not sure if they still do that) but whatever they have on their I suggest going with it, you can't go wrong.

Here's the link and make sure you check out the central location one!


Comment from Lois and Ken Millhouse on 12/29/2009

We love to go to "Sonny Boy" restaurant on old route 40 (National Road) out of Bridgeport, Ohio. Joe Banco has kept the prices low. 2 eggs, meat (bacon, ham, or sausage), home fries, and toast for $2.49. No meat, $1.75. Great service!! Friendly staff. Great homemade pies. I had pie and ice cream one morning for breakfast. Nisey was telling us about your new special, so I thought I would send you our favorite place. Lois and Kenny ( Bill's sister).

Comment from Justin An on 11/16/2009

Seiad Valley Cafe in Seiad Valley, CA

Beth's Cafe in Seattle, Washington

Comment from Joan Parks on 11/16/2009

Marcia's Silver Spoon 2601 S Tacoma Way, Tacoma, WA Easily recognized by the Clydesdale Horse out front, this is THE best breakfast place ever! Family owned for years, daughters and cousins are now operating it just like the parents had. HUGE portions, fresh hot coffee in a small yet big enough space to make it homey. Regulars like "Cheers" eat there. Great friendly atmosphere! A MUST!

Comment from Kevin Salger on 10/28/2009

Two places, both in SoCal.
1. Marston's in Pasadena on Walnut Ave. Go early because there's always a line to get in the converted house come restaurant, but the french toast is to die for! Homemade bread, cut 1" thick, then dipped in eggs and corn flakes is a treat anyone can love.

2. Guasti Homestyle Cafe'. Used to be on the Guasti Winery property in Ontario, but have moved to Chino. http://www.guastihomestylecafe.com/ Arrive hungry, and you won't have to eat for three days the portions are so large! We ordered a short stack of 2 pancakes, and when they arrived on the table we had to search for the plate; the pancakes completely covered the plates! There was no place for syrup to drip onto other than the tablecloth. Even then, after cutting a hole in the middle for syrup, I couldn't eat more than 1/4th of the meal. Huge! Tasty! Well worth the trip.

Comment from Lynne Shawley on 10/27/2009

Hello Rick- One of our favorite restaurants is 2 Cats in Bar Harbor ME. Fresh squeezed juice, burritos and homemade granola that you can even buy to bring home. In our hometown of Pittsburgh two favorites are Drews on Ardmore Blvd with homemade corned beef hash and grilled pecan rolls. Pamelas Diner's has great pancakes.

Comment from Bobbie Henke on 10/27/2009

Our favorite breakfast place is Frank & Shirleys on Rte 51 in Overbrook. It is a small diner that should definately be mentioned. Thank you

Comment from Carla Cohen on 10/27/2009

The Pancake House in Maggie Valley, NC. Not only is the food wonderful, but everyone is there. You will see old friends and make new ones while you stand in line waiting for a table. It's that good, that you will wait!

Comment from JENNA M FRYE on 10/25/2009

Spryos in Fort Wayne, Indiana has the best breakfasts. My parents moved to Fort Wayne from Pittsburgh and whenever I go out to visit, Spryos is always on my to do list. The breakfasts are HUGE!!!! The pancakes and homefries are awesome. When out on the road try to check them out, trust me it is well worth your time!!

Comment from Darryl Ford Williams on 10/22/2009


good food...unique setting...breakfast in a flowershop???

Comment from Erin Whitcomb on 10/21/2009

Wild Wheat in Kent, WA has the best eggs benedict I've ever had. They have this lemon infused hollandaise that is second to none--totally to die for!

Comment from Lisa Przyborski on 10/20/2009

The Place to be Restaurant in Lakewood, Ohio is a great family-run, greek, breakfast diner. I always get the Gyro Omelette and have a terrible time putting down my fork!

Comment from Kerri Welden on 10/19/2009

Bernie's Diner on route 51 in Perryopolis,PA has the best breakfast for the money. They also have a very friendly staff. The cook actually comes out and talks with the customers to see if they are satisfied.

Comment from Allan Cybak on 10/14/2009

The Maple Restaurant in Ambridge, PA.
Best breakfast in town, home fries are GREAT, Omlets are LARGE and the service is hometown Special!

Comment from Erik larson on 10/13/2009

The Summit Diner in Summit, New Jersey.
It's one of those classic rail-car diners that basically don't exist anymore. It's been around for 75 years and there's lots of history, friendly people, and their specialty is breakfast. Classic piece of americana

The staff aren't caricatures, but real people mostly serving local regulars. The patina on the walls can only come from decades of service. But the thing is, the Summit Diner's not just a place that you visit to recall an era gone by, but a living breathing piece of the community today.

If you're gonna cover breakfast, you have to cover diners. And what state has better diner's than New Jersey? None!

As far as I know, no other place exists like this anymore.

If you need any more detail, let me know! I'd be eager to help. I love all your other documentaries. I just saw "Sandwiches that you will like" the other day.

Comment from Courtney Preston on 10/09/2009

The Coffee Cup in Nelsonville, Ohio. Classic working class Mom and Pop eatery pepper w/ college kids from nearby Ohio University and Hocking College. Have Breakfast then catch the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway and tour this beautiful region of Southwestern Ohio. That's what I'm doing this weekend!

Comment from Joe Bute on 10/05/2009

Rick - I'll nominate two for my hometown of Chicago. The first, hands down, is Ann Sather's. This small chain makes one of the best Swedish-style breakfasts in the Midwest. On top of that they bake and sell the most addictive gooey cinnamon rolls I have ever tasted. I'd recommend the location on North Clark Street but the one on Belmont Avenue near the "L" station is just as good. My second nominee would be Lou Mitchell's located just off the Loop near the Chicago Northwestern Station. Mitchell's was a standard for decades for stock brokers and commodity traders. Lou would serve breakfast in small iron skillets (Lou is not with us but the skillets still are). Lou would sit on a stool at the register and read the newspapers aloud to the patrons. He would get impatient with people who sat around too long having that extra cup of coffee and was known to yell out "what's the matter with you people - don't you have JOBS?" Usually worked.

Comment from Carolyn A. Hall on 09/29/2009

SAM'S SOURDOUGH CAFE in Fairbanks, Alaska, is a special breakfast place. Their food is delicious & comforting. As the name implies, they're known for such breakfast items as sourdough pancakes & sourdough toast. My personal favorite is the country fried steak & eggs with hash browns & pancakes. The sausage country style gravy can't be beat.

Many people have special memories based on time spent at this restaurant. I remember first going to Sam's, as the locals call it, about 20 years ago. My Mom would pick me up from high school for an afternoon of mother-daughter bonding over a yummy Sam's meal. She favored the country fried steak as well. Through the years, Sam's was always the place to go for my casual family. Most recently, when my younger brother returned from deployments in Afghanistan, the first hometown meal he craved was centered around Sam's breakfasts and their hefty servings of bacon. Over the last 2 years, when my Mom and I had completed her weekly chemotherapy appointments, she'd have just enough energy for some of that mother-daughter bonding over a Sam's meal. And when Mom died in February 2009, my Dad and 2 brothers and I left her side for the last time and went to Sam's Sourdough Cafe for breakfast.

Sadly, Sam's Cafe burned down on March 14, 2009. Thankfully, it is being rebuilt in the same location and construction appears to be moving along swiftly now. I can't wait to have breakfast once again at Sam's. Many Fairbanksans feel this way. No restaurant in town has been able to replace it.


Comment from Joseph P. on 09/29/2009

One of the country's best breakfast places is Hyatt's Restaurant in Erie, PA. It's in the West Erie Plaza in Erie.

Comment from Crystal Davis on 09/28/2009

There is a place on Pacific Highway South, just north of SeaTac Airport, called The Pancake Chef. My mother took me there when I was a little girl, because the gentleman that owned it was a classmate of hers. Some of the waitresses there have been there for over 15 years. They make the BEST corn beef hash I've ever had, along with a killer Denver omelette. And I swear their coffee is the best in Seattle! I haven't been there in some time, because we moved out of the area, but I still remember the great food, and the great service. This place rocks!!!

Comment from David Panasiuk on 09/28/2009

Simply the BEST pancakes and potatoes in the world. But don't take my word for it, just ask Barack Obama. These pancakes made it to the White House Memorial Day breakfast!
I'm also a big fan of Cousin Vinny's in Manchester. Home of the Big Ben Breakfast.

Comment from Nancy Connolly on 09/28/2009

On Sanibel Island (Florida) the locals and tourists line up for breakfast (and lunch and dinner) at The Island Cow, for "udderly great food". The big portions are priced right, the atmosphere is very friendly, and they have live music on the outside porch. Breakfast offerings include loaded seafood omelet, pigs in a pancake, blueberry granola crunch pancakes, belgium waffles, and grits 'n andouille sausage. You can also order frickles (fried pickles) if you like. If we go out to eat just once during vacation on Sanibel, it's to The Island Cow. You've got to try it.

Comment from Leah Marley on 09/25/2009

Clarettes. 15 S. Toucet St in Walla Walla. A homey breakfast place with large portions. My favorite is the Walla Walla Omelet and French toast made with French bread. Nestled amongst the wheat fields with a budding wine industry and many weekend events, Walla Walla is becoming a Washington destinaton. Who would have known? We certainly didn't when we moved here two years ago for a job with Key Technology.

Comment from Carol Sue Burch on 09/24/2009

Our favorite place is in the Wallingford district here in Seattle and is called "The Rusty Pelican".
They have some of the best NW versions of eggs Benedict and are famous for the baked goods. Our favorite is the pumpkin bread and huge bluberry muffins.

Comment from Kent Hatfield on 09/24/2009

Had a delightful breakfast and a wonderful view @ Frogs Leap Inn in Vermont

Comment from Judith Koveleskie on 09/21/2009


Some of the greatest breakfasts I ever had were at the Cliff House in San Francisco. In addition to the wonderful food, the view is spectacular.

Comment from Kevin Salger on 09/21/2009

Homestyle Cafe, Ontario, CA
Once on the grounds of the Guasti Winery, apparently they moved to a different location after my family moved out of California, but they had consistently good breakfast fare, but bring your appetite! The plates, silverware, and glasses were all mismatched, but the short stack of 2 pancakes met the edge of every plate they had. There was literally nowhere for syrup to run off to, except the tablecloth. $5.99 for the stack, and I guarantee you'll get at least two more meals out of it.

Comment from Ellen Spain on 09/19/2009

Photo Three

Comment from Ellen Spain on 09/19/2009

Photograph Two
View of Great Duck Island from the Bass Harbor Lighthouse

Comment from Ellen Spain on 09/19/2009

I was driving around Acadia National Park one morning, conducting research for another book I was writing about my childhood home on Great Duck Island. Driving past Seawall, I ended up at Bass Harbor.

I am not a big breakfast person, but my black coffee and doughnut gave out around ten. I love lobster at anytime of the day and heard there was a place around Bass Harbor where I could get a lobster omelette. It sounded interesting.

Getting lost one block from where the first scene in "The Perfect Storm" was filmed, I spied an unusual eating place near some fishing boats. I parked my car. I felt starved and quickly walked toward the smell of food ending up on Thurston's Dock where I dined on two delicious lobster rolls.

Comment from Don Orlando on 09/18/2009

The Greubel family has been serving breakfast in Latrobe, Pennsylvania -- America's Hometown Neighborhood of Arnie Palmer and Fred Rogers -- for three generations. Photo murals on the walls depict Latrobe's wonderful history including Fred and Arnie and provide a great place for a traditional custom prepared breakfast including their latest creation, banana split pancakes in honor of Latrobe's unique role as the birthplace of the banana split. Good people, great food, great history, you could have some fun here. Thanks for considering.

Comment from Marlene Petrich on 09/18/2009

You must try "Flowers in the Attic" on Saltsburg Road in Penn Hills for Sunday brunch. This is an old restored victorian house with old-fashioned wallpaper, original woodwork and fireplaces, antiques and unique gift items for sale, including a flower shop. Wonderful food cooked to order, including unusual quiche in a comfortable tranquil setting- you can even have your breakfast on the wrap-around porch or on the lawn. This is one of those special places !!

Comment from Megan Coppetti on 09/18/2009

My favorite breakfast place was one that my family and I discovered while on vacation at Virginia Beach. It was featured on the Food Network and my daughter just loved the Indian atmospher. It's Pocahontas Pancake and Waffle House on Atlantic Avenue. The college and high school student staff is extemely friendsly and they even have a Tee Pee that you can walk through as you enter. It's a great place to eat!

Comment from Doug & Michele Roesch on 09/15/2009

Provincetown Portugese Bakery, in Provincetown, Mass., at the tip of the Cape. Not strictly a breakfast place but one of the few shops open in P-Town before 11 am. See http://www.yelp.com/biz/provincetown-portuguese-bakery-provincetown . (Even if you don't like the bakery it's a good excuse to go to P-Town!) (The photo is from Facebook. This was my wife's idea so thank Michele... :-)

Comment from Nikki on 09/15/2009

Tom and Joe's Diner in Altoona, PA ... it's just a great classic diner that's family-owned.

Comment from Ken Conrad on 09/14/2009

My wife, Bonnie, and I live outside of Charlotte, NC. One of our favorite getaway places is the quaint little town of Abingdon, VA -- home of the famous Barter Theatre AND the equally-as-famous Martha Washington Inn right across the street.

Breakfast is included with the room for guests, but also open to folks riding by. Take our word for it -- it's worth stopping for even if you're just passing by on I-81! The fruits and scones...the bacon and sausage...and the creamy grits!!! (Wish my grits at home was that good!)

Lemme tell ya... if the rooms and ambience of "The Martha" don't make you wanna go back, the breakfast surely will! Enjoy!!! And get some scones to go!!!

Comment from Randall Feldman on 09/11/2009

Breakfast at Brennan's. Brennan's Restaurant in New Orleans. Some years ago we did a national cooking series called Breakfast from New Orleans which we did on location at Brennan's. Definitely, the best (and maybe the most expensive) place for breakfast in the country.

Comment from Donna Bryer Penn on 09/09/2009

"The Broken Egg" on Siesta Key in Sarasota, FL. has the best menu I've ever seen for breakfast. Crab omelets, yum! The owners closed the restaurant once, but due to popular demand, re-opened it.

Comment from Arlene Bigger on 09/09/2009

I think the William Penn Hotel in downtown Pittsburgh does a great Sunday brunch. They offer it in 3 acts. The starter/salad course is a buffet. Followed by an entree ordered off the menu. There are great classic breakfasts with a few delicious twists thrown in. My favorite is the steak and fries with truffle oil. Then the dessert course is also done buffet style, with some items cooked to order.

Comment from Cathy Dunn on 09/08/2009

Bernie's Diner on Rt. 51 near Perryopolis, PA. They serve a BIG breakfast this is really big...pancakes, hash browns, two eggs, toast, bacon and sausage. You can barely waddle out the door when you're done. Right next to Marcel's Pottery Outlet, too!

Comment from Troy Bogdan on 09/08/2009

Sauce in Bridgeville PA (Weekends only), Market House Grill, Meadville, PA (In the historic 1870 Market House), and my #1 favorite . . . Sunday Brunch @ The Riverside Inn, Cambridge Springs, PA.

Comment from linda matta on 09/08/2009

Mary's in virginia beach va, on virginia beach blvd. its 3 blocks from the ocean,we have been going there for aleast 25 years.go early or you will waiting out the door.if you like corn beef hash,has my husband does, it made fresh every day, has is every thing else there

Comment from Kelly Thompson on 09/08/2009

The Coventry Inn is a beautiful Tudor-style pub in Indiana, PA. The Sunday brunches are bistro buffet-style, with a made-to-order omelette station, fresh dishes such as broiled mushrooms, stewed tomatoes, stroganoff, pastry, and locally grown fruits. There is no other restaurant in the county that looks like this one.

Comment from Jen on 09/08/2009

Any locally owned restaurant in Amana, Iowa (AKA the Amana Colonies). It's an Amish-like town (though they are not Amish). Establishments serve Swedish pancakes, fried eggs, potatoes, fruit, bacon and sausage family-style every day. Free refills. A truly wonderful and unique experience.

Comment from Kathy Obuszewski on 09/06/2009

I really enjoy Sabrina's Cafe in Philly. It's got a great Bohemian atomsphere. Excellent food and always hoping. Plus one of the neat things about Sabrina's is there a ton of vegetarian and even Vegan options.

But loacally, I've really enjoyed the Square Cafe and the Waffle Shop .

Comment from Chrystale Mosley on 09/05/2009

When you think of pancakes, the thought of light and fluffy comes to mind. After eating the parfect pancakes, you just have to closes your eyes and sigh a thanks of relief there are still homemaked great food on the earth. Whether you wish for a short stack or regular-Nancy's Resturant in Wilkinsburg, PA 15221 on South Avenue is the place to get your needs met.

Comment from Marilyn Petrosky on 09/04/2009

The best breakfast place in the South Hills is the Door Stop in Dormont. There pancakes are to die for along with their baked ham. They were featured on a Diners and Dives episode of Food Network. It is a small place but well worth waiting in line to eat.

Comment from minette seate on 09/04/2009

There's a Waffle Shop on S. Highland near Centre, in that very cool corner that's home to the Shadow Lounge, Ava, the Red Room and Abay (the Ethiopian restaurant). Not only is this corner one of the main gathering points of hip, young, urban Pittsburgh it's also the home of a combo art/community impact project. An artist/project director from CMU gets people to discuss their lives, their city, everything on videotape. And serves them up delicious waffles, turkey bacon, fried chicken, and mugs of coffee. The result turns into a kind of reality-TV-performance art project. With syrup!

Comment from jay on 09/03/2009

Another great one in the East End is the Point Brugge brunch on Sundays... some real gourmet type items there... http://www.pointbrugge.com/

Comment from Nisey Sebak on 09/03/2009

The Blue Moon Cafe on Aliceanna Street in Baltimore, Maryland is a funky little place with food you would love. It only has a hand full of tables so the wait can be the negative. But the homemade food is fabulous. Take me along, I miss going there.

Comment from Robert Bash on 09/03/2009

Checkout the Freedom Diner on Freedom Road, Cranberry Twp.

Comment from Rubbie A. Greenewald on 09/03/2009

Totally different from the standard breakfast fare restaurant are two swanky places most people might never find, unless you show it to them in your video.

Sunday Brunch (reservations weeks ahead only) at the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, VA. Dine in elegance in the Ballroom at the foot of the huge staircase used in the mansion scene of "Gone With the Wind". You need to eat there, just to know its there. Save your pennies for this one, but its worth a weekend visit, just to experience it.

The other experience is breakfast on the aft observation deck of the Celebrity Infinity as it cruises northward on the Inside passage to Alaska. I have a Saturday Moring, August 15, 2009 video of this place for breakfast. You can pretty much get what you want to eat, and it's all good, but, that's not what's important...It's the view.

I've sent three separate emails...I think it tells you how much I enjoy eating breakfast! Next to continuing to wake up each morning, good breakfasts are one of the things for which I am most thankful.

Comment from Rubbie A. Greenewald on 09/03/2009

I agree with at least one of the other commentors on breakfast in town..."Yunz gotta' go to DeLuca's in the Strip 'n at!" Outside, and South East of Pittsburgh, in the great community of Confluence is a small place called the Three Sisters, where breakfast will include Buckwheat Pancakes in season. Out of state, but nearby in the small communtiy of Bruceton Mills, off Interstae 68, just east of Cooper's Rocks, is a restauant filled with local memorabellia that serves Buckwheat Pancakes on their standard menu all year. I don't get to these places often, but they are great places to eat breakfast!!

Comment from Rubbie A. Greenewald on 09/03/2009

There are 3 places where I love to eat breakfast, non are swanky, all have great food:
1) Check out the Hot Metal Diner on Facebook. Its located on 885 in West Mifflin accross the road from the Hot Metal Harley Davidson Shop. Great food and great service, and every day is a special day there. Talk to the owner, Wendy, and ask for my favorite weekend waitress, Becky.
2) In the town of Hermine, on the main road in town, just west of third street, is a small place called the Paradise. Just an old style counter and stools, with some tables and chairs along the wall. Its narrow, and busy, and the food is incredible in quality and quantity. Talk with the owner behind the counter, and his wife in the kitchen. On the weekend the grill has a separate person because its so busy. Get there early, and eat with the local residents. Come late and you;ll stand in line. 8 am is neither early nor late.
3) In Elizabeth Township is the Carriage Inn Restaurant, which does 3 meals a day, but breakfast is my favorite meal there. Great specials, and plenty of variety on the menu. The coffee just keeps comin'. Friendly staff make the visit a real treat.

Comment from Natasha Smith on 09/03/2009

Gab n Eat in Carnegie, PA is wonderful. I love that I can order my eggs "dippy"!

Comment from gus bode on 09/03/2009

Harbaugh's Cafe in Carbondale, IL, An eclectic, hippy, or bohemian decor is the setting for Laura's original unique and original recipes. Most items come with some kind of fruit and are seem to be healthy (I don't know) and made with local, fresh ingredients. Awesome Frech Toast, Awesome unique sandwiches and ranch potatoes to die for. Breakfast & Lunch only!

Comment from Jolene Miklas on 09/03/2009

My favorite breakfast place is the Zenith Tea Room in Pittsburgh's South Side. I love their Sunday Brunch, which has vegan offerings. The food is absolutely delicious and the cozy, kitchy decor can not be found anywhere else! Diners sit amidt an antique shop and enjoy an entree and vegan buffet, complete with a variety of amazing cakes. Get there early to avoid a line around the block! Love it!

Comment from Natalie on 09/03/2009

My favorite vacation breakfast..
Mc Glade's in Cape May New Jersey..
The restaurant sits right on the beach. In addition to the great atmosphere they have awsome omlettes. And....the chocolate chip waffles are yummy too. They are seasonal restaurant.

I have two favorite local breakfast spots...
One is P&J Diner in Millvale PA. Their breakfast potatoes are THE BEST!!!!And you can't possibly forget about their pancakes. No one else makes them quite the same. They remind me of the ones my grandmother used to make. They are thin and crisp on the edges.

The other "local" place I love is the Rusty Nail in Bellevue PA. They always have specials that aren't on their regular menu. One of their "toast" offerings is toasted italian bread. The pancakes are large and fluffy!!!

Comment from Kate on 09/03/2009

In Pittsburgh, my favorite place is DeLuca's on the Strip, hands down.

Outside of PGH, my favorite place is Intervale Farm Pancake House in Henniker, NH. (43 Flanders Rd). They make their own maple syrup--or at least they used to--and the tables are all made of giant slabs of maple trees. The food is great, too (I recommend the pancakes...).

Comment from Jane on 09/03/2009

Well if you haven't eaten at Harbaugh's on the strip in Carbondale, Il, you haven't had the best breakfast in Southern Illinois. Be prepared to stand in line, but ya meet a lot of fun college kids. Everyone from 2 to 82 eats there. The owner is a doll of a gal and the service is always the best. I drive 40 minutes to get there often. GO DAWGS!

Comment from Brent Molnar on 09/02/2009

If you're ever near Bloomington, Indiana - home of Indiana University, John Mellencamp, and fantastic arts community, be sure to stop by The Village Deli - where the motto is "Eat and get out!" Tremendous pancakes bigger than the plate on which they are served!

Comment from sharon danovich on 09/02/2009

Rick: The best breakfast place is Mama Steve's House of Pancakes in Williamsburg, VA. I'm going there this weekend so I will send you their postcard. It's their pancakes, what ever they do to them, they seem so light, that you can't stop eating them. The restaurant has been in business for over 30 years, it's one of the busiest places in the town. Great food and service, it's only open until 2pm daily.

Comment from GEORGE L MILES JR on 09/02/2009


Comment from Susan on 09/02/2009

You simply must visit Mary Lou's Grill in Carbondale, (far southern) Illinois. Step inside and step back in time - heck, it smells so fine you'll be reliving good times you never even had. The walls are covered with THE most incredible collection of celeb and not-so-celeb photos, many from the early years when Mary Lou was aiding in the survival of many a blurry-eyed college student in the sixties and seventies (and beyond). But, most important, the biscuits and gravy are still innnnncredible. The stools at the front counter fill up like Superbowl seats on the 50 just so folks can admire the creation of their next best-ever breakfast! That's just a little bit about the legendary Mary Lou's Grill, but the local paper did a piece that tells it better than I: http://www.thesouthern.com/articles/2006/12/15/top/18545091.txt

Comment from Tony Brooks on 09/02/2009

You need to visit the Mather Lodge at Petit Jean State Park in Arkansas. They have the best, stick-to-your-ribs country style breakfast anywhere I've ever traveled. But the real topper to this meal (or any other meal at Mather) is the location. The lodge sits atop Petit Jean Mountain in Central Arkansas. It is one of the most beautiful places on earth. As we say in Arkansas, you can call heaven from Mather Lodge and it is a local call.
If you are fortunate enough to be able to come to Arkansas let me know and I'll take you to the Lodge myself. Southern eggs over easy, Petit Jean sausage or bacon, hash brown and biscuits and gravy. I'll have the truck running !!!!!!

Comment from Greg Petrowich on 09/02/2009

So many to choose from but I'll limit myself to two states. In Fairbanks, Alaska: Sams Sourdough Cafe. It recently burned down after many years, but it is being rebuilt as we speak. It would make a nice story to talk about it before and after. It is a legend. Also in Fairbanks is the Hill Top Truck Stop (actually it is in Fox, Alaska just north of town). Everybody who has been to the arctic circle via road has stopped at Hill Top. Then in Talkeetna, Alaska is the Talkeetna Roadhouse. Famous place where almost everybody who goes up or comes down from Denali stops to re-fuel. In Anchorage, Alaska there is the legendary Gwennies.
Here in Carbondale, Illinois, Mary Lou's is a legend where dignitaries from around the world have stopped in for biscuits and gravy.

Love the fact that you are doing this program. "Legendary" breakfast joints are far under rated. FYI, I manage the PBS affiliate (WSIU) here in Carbondale, IL and formerly (KUAC) in Fairbanks, so I can hook you up in either state should you wish to pursue these.

Comment from Ruth Phinney on 09/02/2009

Mike's New York Diner, opened late June at 3423 Winton Place. It is open 24 hours, seven days a week, with breakfast served anytime. Father and son owners Mike and Lee Moudatsos are in the diner business in New York City, and after they say they got a great deal on the Winton location, Lee moved to upstate New York to bring their Greek-American diner to a new market. The outside glows with that stainess steel gleam, the inside still sports characteristic neon and revolving dessert cooler - complete with the jello that is only available in diners. The spiral-bound menu includes anything and everything you can dream of. When it comes to breakfast, they offer waffles, pancakes, eggs, breakfast potatoes to die for, and so much more. Rochester's alternative newspaper recently reviewed Mike's. Here's a link to their review. Enjoy!!! We do!!

Comment from Angelle LeMarche on 09/02/2009

The Original Saugus Cafe. LA Counties oldest continually operating restaurant. I have been going there for decades for Sunday Morning Breakfast. Many TV and Movies are filmed in there, too. Check it out.


Comment from Brianne Brophy on 09/02/2009

The Chuck Wagon Restaurant
680 National Pike W
Brownsville, PA 15417

This place is one of those special hidden gems that serves excellent breakfast and lunch at VERY reasonable prices.
Located on Route 40 I believe this establishment has been there for more than 45 years. I am pretty sure nothing has changed in that time! Decor or otherwise. I wish I could have found pics or video on the web but I didn't have any luck. Thanks! Brianne Brophy

Comment from Ginny Hamilton on 09/02/2009

The Blackbird Cafe in Harpswell Maine not only has great breakfasts (the Maine Blueberry ones are delicious) but the atmosphere is -relaxing, good vibes, great service, outdoor seating and plenty of parking. A great place for locals, Maine tourists and anyone else that wants a great breakfast, or any meal(Saturday nights there is a band!)

Comment from Robin McArthur on 09/02/2009

I lived in Pensacola, Florida all my life and the Coffee Cup is THE local place to go for breakfast. You will always see someone you know there. The menu is as southern as it gets. It has a nice Dixie Gulf Coast accent, featuring Naussau grits that are supercharged with a spicy tomato sauce alongside eggs and pork chops or high-flavored Spanish omelets. But my personal favorite is the pancakes, they just melt in your mouth! The waitresses and cooks are what makes the place an icon. Most of the girls have been there since the Spaniards discovered Pensacola! Creola, the grill chef, (she's a chef, not a cook, in my opinion) has been flippin' pancakes and eggs for over 25 years and has yet to see the first written food ticket. She's amazing!

Comment from Susie Apfelbaum on 09/02/2009

I have two. The Waffle Shoppe in State College, PA. (several locations), that's how popular this breakfast and lunch hangout are to the community and university students and alumni. There are lines to get in to the College Ave. location all the time. I also enjoy the Sunday brunch buffet at the Penn Stater. Comes complete with mimosa's. We go as a tailgate group once a year and I look forward to that buffet as much as I do the games.

Comment from Ed Cole on 09/02/2009

The Pancake House in Longview Wa. Is the BEST place for breakfast I have ever been.
The food is plentiful and the quality is excellent. the people are friendly and many times there are people waiting for a place to sit. It is not a place where fast food is served. They got there start serving breakfast to loggers and mill workers heading out for a long day of hard wok so the food is large portions and outstanding quality.
I live 40 miles away and my wife and I consider it a worthwhile trip just to go there for a meal.
They only serve breakfast and lunch but they are mainly a breakfast attraction. I have never been there when it is not crowded.

Comment from Alicia Glasgow on 09/02/2009

I have 2 favorites!

The first is in Niagara Falls Canada - i don't even know the name, but it is in the casino for the Hilton Hotels - Fallsview. It is a diner setting, but they use the freshest ingredients. The pea meal bacon is delicious!

Second is hearth and Kettle 9a chan store), but this on is in Hyannis, Cape Cod. I ordered the spinach and mushroom omlette with home fried - again very fresh and delicious.


Comment from Kathy Atkinson on 09/02/2009

2) http://local.yahoo.com/info-18352295-stoby-s-restaurant-conway?tab=reviews#reviews

really unique neighborhood restaurant - STOBY'S OF CONWAY 501-327-5447. 805 Donaghey. Conway, AR 72034

Comment from Jacqui on 09/02/2009

The best view with your breakfast - AND great food - is at Brockton Villa on the coast in LaJolla. It's not a "villa" - just an old house that sits up a little above the coast. Famous for "Coast toast" - souffle-like french toast and light, fluffy scrambled egg steamers. I don't have pix but check it out at http://www.brocktonvilla.com. Also - the Hash House in the Balboa Park section of San Diego - no view just ridiculously enormous serving platters of great & interesting breakfast fare.

Comment from Rik Ludel on 09/02/2009

The Camellia Grill in New Orleans (Garden District) is well know for it's breakfast. It's been a while since I've been there!

There are tons of breakfast/pancake houses in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee (land of Dollywood). None that come to mind but each one has a little bit of Southern charm!

If you need any "tasters", I'm willing to volunteer my palette and "gut"! Have fun!

Comment from jaime jones on 09/02/2009

The Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe has the best breakfast. The pancakes are amazing. They even have 35-cent day once a week. Need to know more? Just ask me, I work there!

Comment from Joan Guerin on 09/02/2009

Every time I visit my brother in Martha's Vineyard I get him to take me to the Art Cliff Diner in Vineyard Haven, a place that originally opened in the 40s. We resign ourselves to the long wait (the place is small), but it's so worth it! The ingredients are fresh and the service is friendly. There are incredible pancakes, even "Green Eggs and Ham," but my favorite is the "Bull's Eye" - poached eggs and a codfish cake over arugula, covered with Hollandaise. My mouth is watering just to think about it!

Comment from Maria on 09/02/2009

Moonside Bakery & Cafe in Half Moon Bay, CA (30 miles south of San Francisco) was one the best breakfast eating experiences I have ever had.
All I can say is: Breakfast rice and Sweet French, Whole Wheat or Sourdough bread baked fresh daily.
I might move there because of it.

Comment from Robert Cress on 09/01/2009

Greetings... I have 3 for you!
1. Trail Lake Lodge Mile 29.5 Seward Highway Moose Pass Alaska --- awesome Reindeer Sausage and BIG b-fasts.
2. The Coffee Pot Restaurant 2050 West Highway 89A Sedona, Arizona --- Big breakfast and awesome location at the red rocks of Sedona.
3. MountainView Diner 903 East Washington Street, Charles Town, West Virginia. Real downhome food, used to be a HOJO's, located across from Charles Town Races and Slots.
Mountainview Diner is close to me so its twice a month.

Comment from Linda on 09/01/2009

I agree with Jay. The Square Cafe is the best!
Wonderful pancakes and french toast with fresh fruit mmmmmm

Comment from Al Bergman on 09/01/2009

The Colonial Grille in Irwin, Pa. Saturday morning breakfast is the best. Nice little place in a small town that takes you back to the days when the world moved at a slower pace.

Comment from David Bennett on 09/01/2009

There's an unusual place in DeLeon Springs that is a restored Spanish Sugar Mill ... and they let you cook your own pancakes.

The restaurant is in a State Park...so that's something unusual, too.

Old Spanish Sugar Mill
601 Ponce Deleon Blvd
De Leon Springs, FL 32130
(386) 985-5644

Comment from tricia on 09/01/2009

a place in mckinney tx called bill smiths cafe. it has been around for about 54 years and is such an awesome place! it is a classic diner that serves up down home cooking! check it out-


from the site:
Fifty years ago Bill Smith invited the population of McKinney to celebrate the grand opening of a new eatery. In 1956, he located his business in a new building on old Hwy. 24 (now Hwy. 380). Many thought a location so far from town and sitting in the middle of a cotton patch would never be successful. Time has certainly proven them wrong!Bill Smith's Cafe was an instant hit. It marked the beginning of a family business spanning five decades and employing three generations of Smiths. Two of Smith's original employees have been with the business from its first day! His wife and business partner, Jeanette, is still a regular fixture. She works alongside her son, Bill Smith, Jr., who now owns and operates the business. At age 16, the younger Smith started out as their dishwasher. He, in turn brought his daughters into the operation. Seven mornings a week you can watch the younger Smith whip up a breakfast to equal the one "grandma used to make!"

From the beginning the objective was to offer a truly "home cooked meal." All of the cafe's pies, yeast rolls, biscuits and gravy are made from scratch. Chicken-fried steak, for which they are famous, is made from real steak - nothing they serve is pre-packaged!

Comment from Diana Messner on 09/01/2009

Babyface Carnegie Grill
Lynn's Cafe (Stowe Twp.)
Eggs R Us (Greentree)

Comment from Kate on 09/01/2009

My favorite breakfast place is Lindo's in Allegheny West neighborhood on Western Avenue. Its a dive by most standards but I love their breakfast. Its conveniently located (walking distance), breakfast is tasty and cheap(under $10). I tried other breakfast places but I keep going back to Lindo's.

Comment from Bonnie Jeanne Tibbetts on 09/01/2009

My suggestion is a place simply called Bookstore and Restaurant, http://www.wellfleetoyster.com/, in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. Breakfast is always good, hot, and served with the "charm" you can only find on Cape Cod. If you plan to visit, let me know and I might be able to get my mother and her husband to meet you for breakfast.

Comment from Michael Cuccaro on 09/01/2009

At the Gypsy Cafe on the South Side of Pittsburgh, they do "Geek" theme brunches. One theme was "Dungeons & Dragons Brunch" which included on the menu Tiamat's Fiery Frittata (after a famous dragon), Bloody Barbarian Marys and GHOUL-ash. Other themes have been "Watchmen," "John Belushi," and "Lame Superheroes."

Comment from Jay on 09/01/2009

One of my favorites is the Square Cafe in Regent Square.
The breakfast quesadilla is great and the bacon is out of this world!

It's wonderful to be able to sit outside and eat and have my dog with me.