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HIGHLAND PARK is a neighborhood in the East End of Pittsburgh that’s home to several major attractions: the wild Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium, the stately Highland Park, the thirst-quenching Highland Reservoir, a tasty Farmer’s Market (in season), along with many beautiful homes and apartments, zingy restaurants and a soulful little café and sandwich shop called Enrico’s Tazza D’Oro.

We found out about the Tazza D’Oro because we ran into State Senator Jim Ferlo in Bloomfield after the Little Italy Days parade, and he said that if we were trying to show what makes a neighborhood work, we should definitely check out this coffee shop on Highland Avenue. Jim said he didn’t know how Amy Enrico had done it, but her coffee shop had become a central meeting point for folks in Highland Park, and the coffee was really good.

We didn’t even call in advance. We just drove over on a rainy morning, went in for a cup of coffee, watched what was happening, and knew immediately it was the kind of coffee shop every neighborhood would like to have. We asked Amy Enrico if we could bring our equipment in and start talking to people about the place. The regular customers were amazingly tolerant of the unexpected invasion of the TV crew, and we got some heartfelt endorsements of the place, its coffee, teas, soups, sandwiches, counter staff, and the effect of all that on the local area.

The lunch special was delicious too.

Click on the button to hear more of the joys of Enrico's Tazza D’Oro.


There’s a website.

And a few reviews here
and here . . .
and here.

Here's a picture when the Zoo was still the Highland Park Zoo.

And an even older, panoramic photo.

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