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Whether he’s conducting an elegant spring wedding or plotting a chic city-side barbecue, Bob Sendall infuses every event with an engaging combination of comfort, quality and style. Bob Sendall - chef, event producer, wedding coordinator, chocolatier and author – is bringing his many talents to public television in a three-part series called Sendall Style. Joined by his chef, Nick Krug, these programs will guide viewers through three user friendly culinary adventures they can fearlessly try at home.

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Farm Fresh: Watch Now!

When it comes to combining good food and good times, Chef-Host-Party Planner Bob Sendall does it all with style. First, Bob takes viewers to a small farm on his search for the freshest ingredients. Then, it’s into the kitchen where Bob and assistant chef Nick prepare a delicious summer feast that’s a treat for the senses. Bob and Nick also assist viewers with helpful tips on planning, prep and recipe advice.

Paella Party: Watch Now!

The beloved Spanish rice dish becomes the centerpiece for a fantastic summer party. Friends and family join Bob as he gives us the tips that turn a balmy evening into an event to remember. Bob and Nick return with viewers to the studio kitchen for the step-by-step instructions for crafting a perfect paella. Bob also shares insider advice on everything from selecting seafood to sensational seasonings and how to serve them all.

No Bones About It?: Watch Now!

November’s all-American feast gets the Sendall treatment with a turkey that’s anything but traditional. Bob Sendall shows us how to “deconstruct” a turkey from wings to wishbone, creating a delicious main dish that’s easier than it looks. But there’s more to the holiday than talking turkey, so Bob gives us tips on delicious sides, special decorations and yummy desserts to make your gathering extra special.

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About Sendall Style

Watch as Bob Sendall and Chef Nick Krug show how to throw stylish summer soirees using the freshest, seasonal ingredients. Learn More!

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