Board of Directors

The WQED Multimedia Board of Directors is a volunteer group of people from the community who set the mission and strategic direction of WQED.

The Board is composed of no fewer than 20 and no more than 31 members, all of whom are elected at the Annual Meeting and represent the WQED viewing area.

The Board meets four times a year, with a combined meeting with the Community Advisory Board (CAB) at the annual meeting.

The Board has five standing committees which meet throughout the year:

  • Executive and Corporate Planning
  • Content and Distribution
  • Finance, Business and Operations
  • Audit
  • Governance

All board and committee meetings of WQED are open to the public. They are held in the Hillman Conference Room at WQED, 4802 Fifth Avenue, Oakland.

Fiscal Year 2018

Tom McGough, Chair

Deborah L. Acklin

Georgia Berner

Marcela Bohm-Velez

Nancy Bromall Barry

Debra L. Caplan

Mary Ann Dunham

Joy Evans

Christine Fulton

Josh Knauer

Jason Lange

Joe Manich

Robert McCutcheon

Max F. Miller

Gail Novak Mosites

Carl Moulton

Mildred S. Myers

Cassandra Pan

Conor Platt

James Singer

Frances Stewart

David Thuma

Caroline West


WQED Officers

Chair - Tom McGough

President and Chief Executive Officer - Deborah L. Acklin

Vice Chair and Secretary -  Mildred S. Myers

Vice Chair and Treasurer - Nancy Bromall Barry

Vice Chair - James Singer

Community Advisory Board

Allison Wolfson, Chair                                  Kevin Jenkins

Robert Aber                                                   Jan Jones

Albert Abramovic                                          Kelly Kochamba Wesolosky

Gisele Baretto Fetterman                              Linda McCaulley

Michael Bielski                                               Luke Moran              

Gina Blackburn                                              Suzi Neft        

Paul Block                                                      Meagan Reed

Nicolas Cafardi                                              Karyle Rowles                      

Kim Cauley Eckel                                           LaWana Simmons

Betty Cruz                                                      Mell Steven-Cosnek  

Marlon Ferguson                                          Susan Stuart                         

Timothy Flynn                                               Sarah Thurston        

Michael Gerwick                                            Kristopher Veenis                            

Meredith Grelli                                              Robyn Vittek                                     

Michael Grzesiak                                                      

Valerie Harper                                             

Nancy Hines                                      

Paul Homick