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Since its founding in 1939, Little League Baseball has left its indelible mark on millions of families across the United States. And Western Pennsylvania has one of the most compelling stories ever told in the history of youth baseball. The 1952 Little League All Star team of Monongahela, Washington County won the Pennsylvania state championship and made it to the Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA. To date, it is the only time a Western Pennsylvania team would compete in the series final. But this wonderful accomplishment would be marred by tragedy. 

WQED's 30-minute documentary captures the poignant story through compelling interviews with surviving players, and rare archival film and photos - all leading to a moment of triumph and redemption for the "Baseball Boys of Mon City."

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WQED brings to Monogahela an expanded version of the documentary home to the town where it originated. Through rare archival film, photographs, and interviews with surviving players, this documentary not only captures the glory of their accomplishment, but also a heartbreaking tragedy that shook the team and their hometown. This is ultimately the story of redemption and grit, as the same boys returned to a larger playing field two years later for their 1954 PONY League triumph.


Tom DeRosa and Pete Hoosac, members of the 1952 Little League team, have a catch at Mounds Field in Monongahela. 

Photographer Paul Ruggieri captures a re-enactment of key moments from the 1952 World Series, with Kennedy Nash on the mound. 

The Monongahela Little League team of 1952.

LIttle League catcher Frank DeRosa signs autographs after team wins the Pennsylvania State Championship. 

The Monongahela Pony League team greets runner at home plate after 1954 World Series win. 

Monongahela player is safe at third base in Pony League World Series. 

Hometown fans watch the Pony League World Series in Washington, PA in 1954.

The triumph of the Little League game was marred by the murder of a local fan.

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