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Michael Bielski

Image of Michael Bielski in carIn March of 2020, the country closed down.  The Pandemic was real. Even then, part of me said it would last 3-4 months, then back to normal. I could not have been more wrong.

During these trying times, I sought to create structure. I fashioned a schedule that included keeping in touch with family and friends, exercise, watching my finances, home projects, reading, and volunteer work, virtually, of course, for WQED. 

What I remember vividly is when live music stopped, WQED-FM continued.  The change from staff and hosts being at the studio to broadcasting from home was seamless.  At a time when everything you did was halted, WQED continued. This made a difference to me. It was my one constant, as I still woke up to classical music; I listened to it during the day and in the car. For those moments, maybe the pandemic was put on hold.

Serving as Chairperson of WQED's Community Advisory Board (CAB) allowed me to participate in making sure WQED continued to thrive and serve the community.  I felt valued, which I believe helped me through these difficult times. Classical music was alive, and education programs, the core of what we do, continued to be available to all ages. Thank you, WQED, for helping me keep my balance and perspective in a year that taxed all of us to the extreme.

Michael Bielski
Chair, WQED Community Advisory Board
(Retired) COO, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

Susan Stuart

Susan Stuart
The Center for Organ Recovery and Education (CORE)