Special Gifts


Planned Giving

WQED recognizes the following donors for including WQED in their estate plans. We are grateful for these legacy gifts that so positively impact WQED’s ability to serve the community.

Estate of Patricia A. Bovard
Estate of Frank H. DeWitt
Estate of Janet A. Hoegel
Estate of Karl R. Laurin
Estate of Dorothy M. Ross
Estate of Nancy G. Sprenger
Estate of Nancy B. Thompson
Estate of Jane Vadnal
Estate of Walter E. Welsch


To learn more about leaving a bequest in your will to WQED, please go to https://plannedgiving.wqed.org or call Jui Joshi at 412-622-1386. Thank you.


Leadership Circle and FM Angels

WQED recognizes and thanks Leadership Circle members who direct their gifts to support television, radio or where resources are most needed, and FM Angel members who direct their support to classical WQED FM.  Leadership gifts from these loyal friends are vital to WQED’s success.  During an unusual year, these generous gifts allowed WQED to serve the region with excellent programming, educational initiatives and community activities.


Founder’s Circle / Diamond Angel           $10,000+

Beatrice L. Jacobson Charitable Giving Foundation
Walter Limbach Family Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation
Tom* and Becky McGough
Naomi Weisberg Siegel and Eric Cooper
Patricia O. Smith
Robert and Mary Weisbrod Foundation
Nancy Gruner
Anonymous (4)


Chairman’s Circle / Platinum Angel         $7,500 - $9,999

The Rose Y. and J. Samuel Cox Charitable Fund
Lisa* and William Donovan
Gwen Hepler
Cassandra Pan*
Frances and Charles Stewart
Liz Witzke-Baum and Allen Baum


President’s Circle / Gold Angel                 $5,000 - $7,499

Ritchie Battle
Vivian and Bill Benter
Georgia Berner*
Mary and Donald** Block
Bozzone Family Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Calihan
Dr. Bernadette G. Callery† and Dr. Joseph M. Newcomer
David Cunnius
Joan and Jack Diederich
John H. Feist†
Gail Harger
Tom and Dona Hotopp
Arthur J. Kerr, Jr.
Mary Linda Kubes
Hans Lange
Barbara and Robert Libby
Alice and Patrick Loughney
Kate and Gordon MacVean
John R. and Margaret S. McCartan Charitable Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation
Robert* and Dana McCutcheon
Dr. Mildred S. Myers*
Christine and Robert Pietrandrea
Joanne Rogers†
Alece and David Schreiber
Gregory Scott*
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Simmons
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Weizenbaum
Anonymous (4)


Executive Circle / Silver Angel                   $2,500 - $4,999

Dr. and Mrs. Alvise Anti
Jane Arkus
V. Wayne and Cordelia Whitten Barker Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation
Nancy Bromall Barry* and Bob Barry
Michael and Sherle Berger
H. M. Bitner Trust
Marcela Bohm-Velez* and Rafael Velez
Kathryn and Michael Bryson
Patricia and Thomas Canfield
Jamini Vincent Davies
Dorothy Davis* and David Lynch
Sherry and Jeffrey Davis*
Frank Dziama
Mr. and Mrs. John Echement
Dawn and Chris Fleischner
Leslie and Hans Fleischner
Christine Fulton* and George Fechter
Hawksglen Foundation
Mary Ann Dornak Hughes Memorial Fund of the Community Foundation of Greene County
Betsy Hurtt and Doug Branson
Lisa Jepsen-Lozano and Miguel A. Lozano
Peter Keenan
John Lovelace
Judith and Richard McCandless
Gail* and Steven Mosites
Paul H. and Nancy J. O’Neill Charitable Foundation
Dee Jay Oshry and Bart Rack
Kathe and Jim Patrinos
Richard E. and Alice S. Patton
Joan and Robert Peirce
Neeta and D. Raja
Mr. Richard E. Rauh
Karen Esch and Tor Richter
Sarah and Jonathan* Rosenson
Bruce D. and Treasure Sachnoff Charitable Family Foundation
Kathleen P. Sadler
Joseph Shaffer
Cindy and David Shapira
Anna Singer and Donald Kortlandt
Moira and James* Singer
Martha and Phillip Smith
Robert and Janet Squires
SSM Industries, Inc.
Barbara and Lou Steiner
David Thuma*
Erika and Helge Wehmeier
The Nancy F. and Michael Weissman Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh
Ginny Wellman†
Ron and Mary Ann Zdrojkowski
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Zerega
Anonymous (4)


Director’s Circle / Bronze Angel                                $1,000 - $2,499

Deborah L. Acklin
Mary Ann and Arthur Acton
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin E. Agnew III
Deborah Albert
Linda Argote and Dennis Epple
Benjamin Au
Dr. and Mrs. Axelson
Bob Balmer
Margaret and William Barati
Arlene Baratz
Baronner-Chatfield Family Foundation
Ann Bart
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Bates
Christine Beacham
Mr. Theodore Bean and Mrs. Diane Hasek
Susan Becraft
W. J. Beitler Co. and Beitler Trucking, Inc.
Judith Bellin
Joan and Keith Bernard
Nancy Bernstein and Robert Schoen
Mrs. Benno Bernt
Michael E. Bielski**
Barbara and Albert Biglan
John and Cynthia Black
Marian Block
Paul E. Block
Carole and Stephen J. Botos
Ann and Don Boyd
Connie and Gary Brandenberger
Mr. Brian Brandt
The Brodsky Family
Ellen Brooks
P.A. Rep. Bob and Mrs. Sue Brooks
Pamela Bruchwalski
Richard Burkland
Carolyn and William Byham
Ann Cahouet
Carolyn Caldwell
Susan Campbell and Patrick Curry
Yvonne Campos
Debra Caplan* and David Levenson, M.D.
Arlene Carbone-Wiley and Clayton A. Wiley
Dennis Carlin
Dan Casper
Valerie and Edward Caswell
CentiMark Corporation
Barbara and Gerald Chait
W. J. Choyke
Jo-Ann M. Churchill
Robert and Bonnie Cindrich
Jane Scott Cleary
Stephen M. and Stephanie L. Colodny Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation
Verna Corey, Sc.D.
Marlene Cornelius
James A. Craft
Judy and Rodney Creel
Marian Crossman
Richard Dambaugh
Cheryl David and Chris Amar
Dr. Robert F. Davis
Barbara and Robert Davis
Leslie and Tim Dean
Kristin L. DeAngelis and Brian Lawton
Alison H. Deem and Patrick D. Deem
Delligatti Charitable Foundation
Cameron Dezfulian
Maureen and Donald Dillon
Mary-Isabel Doak
Jody and Michael Doherty
Ann and Chris Donahue
James K. Donnell
Mr. and Mrs. Roy G. Dorrance III
Double Eagle Foundation
Lucy and John Douglas
Diana Drew Harbison
Mary Ann Dunham* and Robert Aber, Jr.**
Leslie Dunn
Dr. Diane L. Duntley
Fr. Walter Dworak
Mr. Joseph Dzurenda, Jr.
Louise Eckman and Harvey Weissman
Mary Engel
Dr. and Mrs. David Engle
Dan Fales
Jean and Sigo Falk
Edith H. Fisher (Toto)
James Fleming and Elizabeth Hazlett
Edward Foley
Hilda and Freddie Fu
Normandie Fulson
Mary Louise and Henry J. Gailliot
Gardiner Charitable Fund
Mark Garvey and Kate Jackson
Rodney Gasch and Laurie Kirsch
Robert C. George
Anne L. German
Kristina and Peter Gerszten
Catherine and Gaylord Gillis
Linda Gohring
Sue and Bob Golier
Max Gonano
Frank and Mary Gorell Memorial Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation
Rosalind and Lawrence Gorman
James Gorton and Gretchen Van Hoesen
Patrick Gray
Esther Greenwald
George and Jane Greer
Rose Guerrieri
Barry Hall
Gail Harger
Robert Berkley Harper
Pat Hartman
W. Ellis and Joyce Hatch
Emily E. Heidish
Dr. Amy Helwig and Ken Dunlap
Tim Hennessy
Barbara and Henry Henninger
Edythe Hepler†
Mr. Dale and Mrs. Susanne Hershey
Dr. R. Donald Hoffman
Dr. and Mrs. Elmer Holzinger
Sara Horsman
Dr. and Mrs. John W. Hoyt
Anthony Hruza and Annette Vella
Dianne Hu
Bethanne and Jim Huntington
Susan Ily
Dorothy and Joseph Jackovic
Harold James
Kay Jennings
Robert Jennings, Jr. and Barbara Bott
Alfred Jones and Frances Bridgeman Jones Memorial Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation
Jui Joshi and Shubha Joshi
Jane and Bud Kahn
Linda Kaib
William and Julie Kaigler
Mr. and Mrs. Jayant Kapadia
Kathleen Kasper
Dorry Kee
Ann Kelton and Jeffrey Hritz
Gloria Kleiman
Josh Knauer*
Helen Knepper Memorial Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation
Carolyn and Don Korb
Herbert Kramer
Karen Krenitsky
Bonnie Kress
George Kress
John P. and Mary Adele Krolikowski
Nicholas Kyriazi
William Lafranchi
Kenneth and Marina Lehn
Robert W. Lenker
Elsa Limbach
Lewis Lobdell and Kate Laffey Lobdell
Raymond and Jim Luther-Pfeil
Joanne Luzar
Charles Lynn
Dr. and Mrs. James Maher
Elizabeth Majeed
Lauren and Hampton Mallory
Mr. Kenneth L. Manders and Mrs. Weia F. Boelema
Joe Manich*
Lucine O. B. Marous
Jessica Marshall
Donald May
Tron McConnell
Ms. Darla McCormack
Mary McCormick
Emily Ann McGough
Kevin and Kristen McMahon
Mr. George and Mrs. Bonnie Meanor
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Mellon
Lori and Ralph Melton
Nancy and George Mezey
Barbara Miklos
Inez K. Miles*
Janet and George L Miles Jr
Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Miller
Laurie and Fred Miller
Max* and Rosa Miller
Doug Mills
Lydia and Thomas Moran
Betty and Granger Morgan
Richard W. Moriarty, M.D.
Susan and Jim Morris
Lilli Mosco
Carl Moulton*
Eileen and Albert Muse
David and June Nimick
Dr. Theresa L. Nimick-Whiteside
Karen Oberg
Fr. John Oesterle
Shirley Olander
Eileen and John Olmsted
Richard Osial
Dr. Paul M. Palevsky and Dr. Sharon R. Roseman
Mary and Ron Pallini
Mr. Siddharth Pant and Ms. Andrea DiMartini
Ellen Parkes
Mr. Joseph Pass
Stacie Patterson
Drs. Ronald and Donna Pellegrini
Susan Downs Pettigrew
Rosemary Piccirilli
William Piper
Conor Platt* and Sara Mahoney
Pittsburgh Steelers
Rev. William and Mrs. Donna Amy Podobinski
Kears and Karen Pollock
Roberta and Norman Pollock
Dr. Frederick L. Porkolab and Dr. Margaret V. Ragni
Charles Quillin
Martha Raak
Nancy and William Rackoff
Barbara M. Rankin
Lauren and Daniel Resnick
Neil M. Resnick and Susan L. Greenspan
Maria Ressler
Juliana Ribar
Ernie and Sherry Ricci
Lourdes Sanchez Ridge* and Robert Ridge
Georgiana and Robert F. Riley, Jr.
R.M.K. Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation
Rick and Kim Roadarmel
Donald and Sylvia Robinson Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Roemer
Mr. and Mrs. James Rohr
Mrs. Bette Rom
Patricia Rooney†
Keren Roth
Milton M. and Martha C. Roth Memorial Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation
Rich and Linda Ruffalo
Ryan Memorial Foundation
Joan Lasky Saba
Marla and Harold Scheinman
Stefi Kirschner and Gilbert Schneider
Kathleen Schneider
Victoria and Roger Schneider
Wolfgang Schraut
Sharon and Robert Sclabassi
Karen Shanahan
David M. Shaw
Annette and Preston Shimer
Luanne and Jim Shock
Ralph Shuey
Muhammad A. Siddiqui
Richard L. Simmons
Mr. and Mrs. D. Jin Song
Mrs. Linda Spadafora
Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Spalding
Kristin Smith
Jean Snodgrass
Judith and Samuel Spanos
Laura Sproat
Eric Stacey
Margaret N. Stevens
Tom and Jo Ann Succop
Joan Sullidan
Charles Tabor
Janie and Harry Thompson
Jamee and Tom Todd
Barbara and Eric Udren
June Waldman
Carol and Jon Walton
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Wandrisco
Mike and Barbara Waruszewski
Pat and Tony Waterman, Jr.
Robert Webster
Caroline West* and Antonio Castracani
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Wiegand
Sandra Wilkinson
David C. and Diana Marston Wood
Robert and Gaye Wood
Evelyn Yoder
Mr. Frank A. Zabrosky
Dr. and Mrs. P. Alvin Zamba
Georgetta and David Zanardelli
Ray McGunigle and Susan Zeff
Arthur Ziegler, Jr.
Anonymous (31)


*WQED Board

**WQED Community Advisory Board


If you have any questions about your listing, please contact Jui Joshi, Director of Development at jjoshi@wqed.org or call 412-622-1386. To become Leadership Circle or FM Angel members, please visit www.wqed.org/leadershipgiving or call for more information.


Dorothy May Ross

Image of Dorothy May Ross

My aunt, Dorothy May Ross, made a generous donation to WQED and WQED FM. Her donation was typical of her desire to support worthwhile causes. Her old school work ethic gave her the ability to support organizations. My aunt loved the Arts and WQED filled the bill. WQED FM fulfilled her classical music interest. Her donation was made in hopes that WQED would continue the educational and entertaining programming that she enjoyed. Aunt Dorothy made sure that she alerted family members when a special program was being aired. The programs were always an excellent suggestion! She was a blessing to our family. We miss her beyond words.

Submitted by Trisha Elk

Jane Vadnal

Image of Jane Vadnal

My sister, Jane Vadnal graduated from Vassar College and received two masters degrees from Pitt. Her intellectual interests covered a wide range of subjects. She had a voracious appetite for books and TV programs. She valued WQED because its news programs gave her - as she called it "the straight stuff" - objective and thorough reporting leavened with thought-provoking commentary. She used what she learned from the station during lengthy discussions with her peers and family members. Jane also appreciated WQED's unique coverage of Pittsburgh's culture, history and people making it her "home town" station.

Submitted by Matt Vadnal

Gwen Hepler

Hear what Gwen Hepler had to say about what WQED FM means to her.