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WQED Education has created Lead with Music -- an interactive kit developed to engage young learners to discover and explore classical music. Educators don’t need to be an expert to help children create and share music. Music is a part of our everyday lives, from TV shows, movies, and the radio to nature’s music with rivers, rustling trees, and bees humming. You can support children’s music experiences easily by:

  • Listening to all kinds of music
  • Having a dance party!  
  • Drawing how music makes you feel
  • Sing your favorite song on the way to school, waiting for the bus, or just before bed 

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Make and Play Music with PBS Parents

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If you are an educator in Southwestern PA who would like to borrow or purchase a Lead with Music Kit please email Must be willing to pick up at WQED. Items may vary from photo depending on availability from vendors. 

Infant Massage provides guided instruction from Certified Infant Massage Instructors from ACHIEVA Early Intervention on specific techniques that can help alleviate issues that babies sometimes face.  Infant massage lessens fussiness and irritability and increases overall relaxation.  Enjoy this playlist of classical music that accompanies Infant massage sessions while you relax with your little one.

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