7:00 PM
Wild KrattsSeahorse RodeoMartin and Chris uncover a plot by Donita Donata to capture sea horses to make living jewelry.
7:30 PM
Wild KrattsWolf HawksMartin takes the Wild Kratts team on a mission to discover more about a hawk he's seen in the Sonoran Desert.
8:00 PM
Odd SquadOdds and EndsThe agents must come together to battle a common enemy.
8:30 PM
Odd SquadDouble O TroubleAarti Craft turns all the agents in Chicago into paper dolls except for two, Oxford and Osalind, who avoid her powers and join the Mobile Unit to stop Aarti for good.
9:00 PM
ArthurSue Ellen Gets Her Goose Cooked; Best of the NestSue Ellen becomes obsessed with an Internet game; the gang must decide whether to go on a camping trip.
9:30 PM
ArthurArthur Plays the Blues; Buster's Sweet SuccessArthur gets a new piano teacher; Buster volunteers to sell candy for the band.
10:00 PM
CyberchaseCodename: IckyTo outsmart Hacker, the team devises a series of codes to send secret messages.
10:30 PM
Pinkalicious & PeterrificBest Day Ever; Catchy SongPinkalicious and Peter decide to put on their own show after Jonah Rose's concert sells out; Pinkalicious writes a catchy song.
11:00 PM
Pinkalicious & PeterrificDrawing Noses; Pinkalicious on IcePinkalicious gets a lesson in drawing noses from artist Dame Stella Nostrella; to prepare for Pinkville's Great Skate, Pinkalicious practices spinning.
11:30 PM
Elinor Wonders WhyA Garden for All; Band of ExplorersElinor gives Hazel some strawberry seeds to grow at home; the Exploring Club goes on a musical march in the forest.