5:00 AM
Xavier Riddle and the Secret MuseumI Am Catherine the Great; I Am Tomioka TessaiCatherine the Great eases Brad's fears about going to day camp without his best friends; Yadina is unsure about bringing an old quilt for show and tell, but artist Tomioka Tessai helps her realize the best items are ones connected to family.
5:30 AM
Let's Go Luna!D'Orsay Day; Honey in ParisAndy becomes frustrated while painting a picture of a model train; Honey's kooky behavior alarms Carmen.
6:00 AM
The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!Tough Enough; How Cool Is CoralNick and Sally debate which animal is the toughest; Wally the Waterbear is tough enough to live anywhere; The Cat needs to get Ting Tang Tony back to his family.
6:30 AM
Sid the Science KidThe Bug ClubWith magnifying glasses, Sid and his friends discover ants, rolie polies and caterpillars around the playground.
7:00 AM
Super Why!The Story of the Tooth FairyWhen Whyatt loses his first tooth, he and his friends set off to meet the Tooth Fairy.
7:30 AM
Peg + CatThe Bermuda Triangle Problem; The Breeze in the Branches ProblemPeg, Cat and the Pig tumble through a portal to a bizarre triangular universe; the Toad brings Peg and Cat to the forest where he grew up.
8:00 AM
Pinkalicious & PeterrificGnome More Nonsense; Space DancingNorman the garden gnome learns how to use his imagination; Peter gets discouraged when he makes mistakes during a dance show.
8:30 AM
Alma's WayDo the Waltzango; Big Brother BootcampEddie and Becka create a new mash-up dance; Alma teaches Eddie how to be a great big brother.
9:00 AM
Sesame StreetThe Missing Goat MysteryElmo, Rosita, and Grover are at the farm today, and Farmer Todd is missing a goat; they look for clues to help find his goat, following hoof prints and listening for bleating sounds.
10:00 AM
Rosie's RulesAn Anniversary Tradition; Chiles en Nogada DayRosie, Crystal and Iggy try to re-create Mom and Papa's beach anniversary tradition at home; Rosie looks for a missing family recipe.
10:30 AM
Daniel Tiger's NeighborhoodGrandpere Sleeps Over; Tea Party at the CastleDaniel thinks about what Grandpere needs to be comfortable when he sleeps over at Daniel's house; Daniel, Chrissie and Prince Wednesday have a tea party.
11:00 AM
Daniel Tiger's NeighborhoodDaniel's Winter Adventure; Neighborhood NutcrackerDaniel and Prince Wednesday are afraid to go sledding when they see the hill's height; Daniel dances in "The Nutcracker Ballet."