5:00 PM
Curious GeorgeKing Doggie; The Lucky CapThe princess of Bratvia claims Hundley is a royal doggie and takes him to his new palace; George's luck changes when he gets a new cap.
5:30 PM
Xavier Riddle and the Secret MuseumI Am Lou Gehrig; I Am Marie OwensLou Gehrig helps the gang focus on the good stuff rather than moping about a few bad breaks; Marie Owens shows Xavier, Yadina and Brad how to solve problems in a positive way.
6:00 PM
Molly of DenaliWild Moose Chase; Where the Bison RoamMolly's class learns about bartering; Molly and her mom accompany Nina to Shageluk.
6:30 PM
Hero ElementaryAll Over the Map; Lights Go Down in City TownA bird flies off with AJ's Twigcam; the nighttime sky, lit up by the lights of the city, make it hard for Sparks' Crew to see a meteor shower.
7:00 PM
Wild KrattsWhere the Bison RoamThe team explores the American prairie and bison.
7:30 PM
Wild KrattsRaptor Round UpThe team identifies raptors and returns them to the wild.
8:00 PM
Odd SquadShapely University; Slow DayOlympia and Otis compete with a rival precinct; people around town start moving in slow motion.
8:30 PM
Odd SquadVillains in Need Are Villains Indeed; Happily Ever OddThe agents must help some villains stop a robot that is threatening to flatten the city.
9:00 PM
ArthurD.W.'s Deer Friend; Buster Hits the BooksD.W. wants to bring a deer home when the Reads go camping; Buster panics when he has to write a book report.
9:30 PM
ArthurArthur Writes a Story; Arthur's Lost DogArthur spices up an autobiographical story with fantastic tales; Arthur's dog, Pal, gets lost at a street fair.
10:00 PM
CyberchaseA Crinkle in TimeDigit and the kids search all over Ticktockia for Slider.
10:30 PM
Pinkalicious & PeterrificPetercadabra; Sleepless in PinkvilleAfter finding Daddy's book of magic tricks, Peter becomes determined to be a great magician; Pinkalicious and Peter are so excited about seeing a special sunrise that they are unable to fall asleep.
11:00 PM
Pinkalicious & PeterrificTreasure Hunt; Cheer Up, ArchiePinkalicious and Peter meet a real pirate; Pinkalicious and Jasmine take Archie the pinkfish outside to play.