3:30 AM
Wild KrattsWhen Fish FlyMartin and Chris pose a challenge to Koki and Aviva about who has the most challenging job.
4:00 AM
Odd SquadAnd Then They Were Puppies; A Case of the SilliesAgent Ohlm is called upon to save the day when every agent turns into a puppy; Dr. O gets the Sillies.
4:30 AM
Odd SquadFlawed Squad; The Creature WhispererThe villains break into Odd Squad headquarters; the agents pursue an odd creature.
5:00 AM
ArthurThe Friend Who Wasn't There; Surprise!Muffy sets out to find her long lost imaginary friend; Francine is not invited to Catherine's 16th birthday party.
5:30 AM
ArthurWhip, Mix, Blend; StaycationRattles learns how to adjust to life in a blended family when his mom dates Archie Vanderloo; Arthur offers to babysit.
6:00 AM
The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!A Tale About Tails; Sticky SituationAnimals with different tails; Nick's drumstick helps fix a beaver dam.
6:30 AM
Ready Jet Go!A Hammer and a Feather; Commander MomThe kids learn about atmosphere; Sydney, Jet and Sean visit Sydney's mom, a robotics engineer, at work.
7:00 AM
Peg + CatThe Big Dig Problem; The Crayon ProblemThe Pirates dig up Peg's neighborhood; Peg and Cat create their own world.
7:30 AM
Super Why!CinderellaRed thinks she will be a misfit at Sleeping Beauty's princess party.
8:00 AM
Daniel Tiger's NeighborhoodCalm at the Restaurant; Calm in ClassThe Tiger family goes to the restaurant for taco night.
8:30 AM
Daniel Tiger's NeighborhoodTiger Family Lunch; Dinnertime at Jodi'sDaniel gets distracted at a picnic lunch at the playground with Mom Tiger; Daniel helps make pan pans for dinner at Jodi's house.
9:00 AM
Sesame StreetLunch Time EngineersWhen Chris sprains his ankle, Zoe, Gabrielle, and Rosita use a rope and pulley to bring him his lunch, but the rope slips off the lunch bag; they try different ways to deliver the food.
9:30 AM
Elinor Wonders WhyWater You Doing?; Thinking About BlinkingElinor and friends build a log bridge over a stream; the kids set out to learn everything they can about blinking when Ari is crowned the blinking champion at school.