Writers Contest

2017 Writers Contest Winners

Congratulations to our 2017 Writers Contest Finalists! To explore a story, click on the illustrations below to watch the videos.

STEM Award Winners

The Great Snake Escape by Max S.

First Grade

Bernard Gets Lost by Brock M.

Second Grade

The Perfect Home by Elly S.

Fourth Grade

Kindergarten Winners

The Vegetable Mystery by Aarav P.

The Mountain Grows On by Anthony P.

The Bad Pencil by Abigail M.

Boogerman Robs a Bank by Samuel D.

First Grade Winners

The Sun and the Moon by Rocco R.

Squirrel Oh Squirrel by Aryan K.

The Mix-Up Zoo by Bliss L.

Sally the Curious Panda by Ella M.

Second Grade Winners

Bernard Gets Lost by Brock M.

The Gift from Grandma: A Time Machine Watch by Sol L.

A Pet in a Pocket by Connor D.

The Boy Who Farted A Lot by Riley P.

Third Grade Winners

Mip Saves His Family by Areesha N.

Samantha the White Flamingo by Isabelle C.

The Lonely Dog by Alex K.

Let's Be Friends! by Clare T.

Fourth Grade Winners

My Dog Thinks She Is a Queen by Jackson M.

The Magic Pencil by Dagny H.

Connecting by Marielle W.

The Girl Who Didn't Want to Turn 10 by Regan M.

Fifth Grade Winners

High Pitch Snitch by Max M.

Interrupting Is Very Disrupting by Caroline T.

How the Peacock Became Colorful by Jocelyn W.

May Bea: The Untold Story of an Unknown Hero by Caraline S.