Writers Contest



First Place - The Shooting Star by Courtney C.

Second Place - Penny is Hungry for Pizza by Aaban M.

Third Place - K Man Spreads Kindness by Dhilan D

Honorable Mention - Toto and His Friends! by Joshua

First Grade

First Place (STEM Winner) - Super Cat vs the Cloud of Doom by Lily A.

Second Place - Frankie's Garden by Jacob A.


Third Place - Be My Friend by Lilana S.

Honorable Mention - Daisy the Helpful Rabbit by Anvita M.

Second Grade

First Place - A Salt Shaker Named Pepper by Vivian P.

Second Place - Rocco's Tacos by Rocco V.

Third Place - Happy Foods by Sarah S.

Honorable Mention - Even vs. Odd by Anahita B.

STEM Winner - My Sunshine Friend by Ava S.

Third Grade

First Place - Lovely Lady by Emma V.

Second Place - Elves in the Woods by Sofia P.

Third Place - Blake Builds His Dream by Crystal C.

Honorable Mention - What a Difference Kindness Can Make by Emily S.

Fourth Grade

First Place - The Spotless Cheetah by Hadia K.

Second Place - The Case of the Wayward Wrapper by Olivia A.

Third Place - The Power of Solidarity by Arjun K.

Honorable Mention - Sammy Squid by Coleman Y.

STEM Winner - Artificial Intelligence: Our Future by Harinee

Fifth Grade

First Place - The Almost True Tale of Cinderella by Sage

First Place - Practice Makes Perfect by Michael N.

Third Place - Teddy Travels the World by Gia V.

Honorable Mention - A Trip Across the Country by Samantha S.