Pittsburgh Symphony on Tour

Jim Cunningham reports daily at 8:30 am and 5:30 pm from the PSO's domestic and international tours.

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands 29 Jan 08 PM - Jan 30, 2008

Jim recaps the PSO's concert at Amsterdam's busy Concertgebouw, Jansons' whereabouts, the city's oldest house, Pittsburgh expatriate Albert Manders. Audio of Brahms.

Cologne, Germany 30 Jan 08 AM - Jan 30, 2008

Pre-Lenten traditions in Cologne, Germany. Amsterdam concert recap. Jansons' plea for funding. Audio of Kavakos in Brahms and Bach, and Mayor Luke Ravenstahl.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands 28 Jan 08 PM - Jan 29, 2008

From Amsterdam, Jim reports on Pro Cycling Tour, Warhol exhibitions,and a Pittsburgh raffle. Audio of Jose Maria Pratt, Rafael Fruhbeck de Burgos, Luke Ravenstahl, Dan Onorato.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands 29 Jan 08 AM - Jan 29, 2008

In Amsterdam, Jim reports on the Van Gogh Museum, a PSO trio, promoting Pittsburgh, Anne Frank's tree. Audio of Warhol Museum Director Tom Sokolowski, Gimenez.

Madrid, Spain 25 Jan 08 PM - Jan 28, 2008

Red wine brings high spirits after the Madrid concert. The PSO's day off plans. Kennywood and Warhol connections. PSO brass news. Audio of Dan Onorato, Gimenez and Wagner.

Madrid, Spain 26 Jan 08 AM - Jan 28, 2008

Jim reports on the PSO concert at El Escorial, Spain, and visits Madrid's cafes and Prado museum. Interviews with Principal Oboe Cynthia Koledo DeAlmeida and concert presenter Victor Medem. Audio of Beethoven.

Valencia, Spain 28 Jan 08 AM - Jan 28, 2008

From Valencia, Spain, Jim interviews conductor Rafael Fruhbeck de Burgos and Jose Maria Pratt, director of Spanish concert presenter Ibercamera.

Barcelona, Spain 24 Jan 08 AM - Jan 25, 2008

Jim reports on Barcelona's culture and Pittsburgh civic leaders' arrival to make economic connections. Audio of Brahms and PSO prinicpals Andres Cardenes, James Gorton and Gretchen van Hoesen.

Madrid, Spain 25 Jan 08 AM - Jan 25, 2008

From Madrid. Jim talks with Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato and about Gaudi's famous cathedral in Barcelona. Audio of Wagner's Meistersinger Overture.

Barcelona, Spain 24 Jan 08 AM - Jan 24, 2008

From Barcelona, Jim Cunningham reports on efforts to promote Pittsburgh in Europe, last night's concert, and first impressions of Barcelona. Comments by the PSO's Harold Smoliar, and audio of Brahms.