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Anna Singer - Sweenie Todd - Jul 7, 2017

WQED-FM's Anna Singer discusses her role as Mrs. Lovett, the pie maker and collaborator of Sweenie Todd, in Stephen Sondheim’s 1979 classic musical - on through the third week of July for Pittsburgh Festival Opera with Doug Levine providing musical direction at the Falk Auditorium at Winchester Thurston.

George Milosh - Jul 7, 2017

Tenor George Milosh sings the complete "Die Schoene Mullerin" by Franz Schubert Wednesday July 12th at Shadyside Presbyterian Church with pianist Francesca Tortorella. Favorite recordings, all about poet Wilhelm Muller, unrequited love, jumping in the river to end the pain, the long blond hair of the miller’s daughter, love from beyond the grave with withered flowers, lots of green, loving above your station in life, madness - it's all covered in the interview.  George sings in the Mendelssohn Choir, Pittsburgh Opera Chorus, Resonance Works, Undercroft Opera, and Pittsburgh Camerata.  He's a Boston Conservatory grad and singing mercenary.

Donald Fellows - Jul 7, 2017

Donald Fellows, organist and Director of Music at St Paul Cathedral, each summer invites colleagues from the organ world to prepare 50 minutes of their best for the Beckerath organ (favorite instrument of William F. Buckley Jr.) at the seat of the Pittsburgh Catholic diocese. Donald Fellows plays 50 funerals and 75 weddings this year. Don has a saxophone soloist for his recital and there’s a trumpet in the plan too. Here is the complete rundown of the Sunday 4pm series in air conditioned cool.  The concerts are free with free parking, at the corner of Fifth and N. Craig in Oakland through August with three concerts in the fall planned too. There is an extraordinary wide range of music sure to bring a tingle while admiring the altar in the sanctuary. Don has all the inside play by play on the memorial service for Steelers legendary owner Dan Rooney which he played with Pittsburgh Symphony Principal piccolo Rhian Kenney playing Danny Boy.  

Pine Creek Community Band - Jul 6, 2017

This Sunday at Bach, Beethoven and Brunch, the Pine Creek Community Band will perform at Mellon Park.  The concert begins at 10:30 and is free.  The President of the Pine Creek Community Band, Mary Ellen Dougall, stopped by WQED-FM to talk about the band and what they'll perform at Bach, Beethoven and Brunch.



Kevin Noe - Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble - Jul 6, 2017

Kevin Noe stopped by WQED-FM to talk about this year's Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble season.


Byron Janis - Jun 30, 2017

Internationally renowned pianist Byron Janis was born in McKeesport Pa, went to elementary school in Squirrel Hill and his parents lived on Fifth Avenue in Pittsburgh to the end of their lives. Byron Janis talks about his just released cd Byron Janis On Tour with live performances recorded around the world in Toulon and Paris, New York, Havana, Connecticut, and other spots around the globe. Haydn, Chopin (including the pieces he discovered, one in a trunk marked “Old Clothes” near Paris), his Cy and By Paganini Variations taped at a home concert with Cy Coleman the jazz pianist and composer plus Byron’s own compositions for the stage.  He also reminds listeners of his lifelong passion for Pirate baseball.

Mary Ellen Dougall, Pine Creek Community Band - Jun 30, 2017


The Pine Creek Community Band performs at Bach, Beethoven and Brunch on Sunday July 9th.   President and band member Mary Ellen Dougall shares with listeners the history of the Pine Creek Band and her experiences growing up and following her passion for learning music. Mary Ellen also discusses the playlist for Bach, Beethoven and Brunch, as well as, the bands schedule for the rest of the summer.

Kevin Noe, Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble - Jun 30, 2017

WQED’s Jim Cunningham and Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble director Kevin Noe talk in-studio about what’s on tap for PNME’s 42nd season.  Upcoming concerts include “Songs of New and Old” featuring music from composers Kevin Puts and John Corigliano, “On The Spot” with pianist Oscar Micaelsson, “The Moments that Make Us…” featuring Matthew Rosenbaum’s “Falling”, and more.  For the full list of concerts, visit www.pnme.org.

Kevin Noe, Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble - Jun 30, 2017

Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble director Kevin Noe sits down with WQED-FM Intern and composer Luke Campayno to discuss the broad concept of new music.  Why do we need new music? Why didn’t we just stop after Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, and Debussy?  Kevin and Luke discuss the importance of new music and the arts in general for our society.  The two also converse about the theatricality and added visual elements in Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble performances. 

Walter Morales - Jun 29, 2017

This interview discussed The Edgewood Symphony Orchestra’s performance this upcoming Sunday, July 2nd for Bach, Beethoven, and Brunch.  Walter also spoke of the program and what will be played along with his background in music while growing up in Costa Rica.  Walter is also producing an opera for the Pittsburgh Festival Opera at Wincester Thurston.