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Dr. Victor Bobetsky - Apr 5, 2019

Sunday April 7 at 2pm at Carnegie Library's Main Branch in the Sounds Upstgairs series  Dr. Victor V. Bobetsky will  present the origins of the song “We Shall Overcome.” Dr. Bobetsky will highlight several precursor songs whose texts and/or melodies may have influenced the “We Shall Overcome” we know today, and present melodies and texts with significance for the cultural experience and heritage of people around the world. The audience will have the opportunity to learn and sing some of the remarkable antecedent songs that bring the origins of “We Shall Overcome” to life. he previews this event from his office at Hunter College with Jim Cunningham.  Dr. Bobetsky is the editor of the book We Shall Overcome: Essays on a Great American Song and has published articles examining the origins, history, and educational implications of “We Shall Overcome” and other freedom songs.

Kathy Mattea - Apr 4, 2019

On April 17th, 6:30pm at the Kelly Strahorn Theater, WQED will host a special preview screening of Ken Burns' new documentary on Country Music.  The event will feature a 30 minute performance by Grammy Award winning country artist Kathy Mattea, who was a consultant on the film, as well as a panel discussion on the documentary with some of the films producers.  WQED-FM's Bryan Sejvar spoke with Kathy about the documentary; growing up in West Virginia; and how excited the country music scene is to have a film done by Ken Burns.  



Federico Garcia de Castro - Alia Musica - Mar 29, 2019

Federico Garcia de Castro is the founder of the Alia Musica ensemble in Pittsburgh specializing in presenting music by living composers. March 29 at 7:30 in the James Laughlin Music Center at Chatham university Alia Musica presents the multiple award winning all women Aizuri String Quartet playing music by women and men who are alive and well today. Federico talks about the quartet and the And Play Duo of violin and viola who will be heard in Pittsburgh in April. He describes the master plan for his Alia Musica ensemble and who helped put it together with facilitation from Charlie Humphrey. Federico has discussed working with fellow countryman and coffee connoisseur  Maestro Andres Franco, Associate Conductor of the Pittsburgh Symphony. Federico is hoping to realize a dream of writing a violin concerto with inspiration from poetic notations of pain for Andres Cardenas and he fills us in on the next performance of his own music. When listeners fill out a form asking what they thought of the Alia Musica Ensemble they rarely say they hated it and at least so far have not found it painful.

Sarah Chamberlain - Women2Women - Mar 28, 2019

Washington DC ‘s Sarah Chamberlain is the founder and CEO of the Women 2 Women Count Me In  tour stopping in Pittsburgh Wednesday April 3rd for an open discussion at the University Club Ballroom.  The non profit organization encourages women to network and discuss issues that relate to the opioid crisis, getting into the CEO positions with major corporations, and running for office. Panelists include Dr. Aubrey Murrell of the University of Pittsburgh Business School and Carol Neyland of Dollar Bank.   Sarah Chamberlain serves on the Board of Directors of the Women Campaign School at Yale University, and is a National Capital Trustee of the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. She is also currently serving as a Fellow in George Washington University’s Graduate School of Political Management.

A native of upstate New York, Sarah received her undergraduate degree in accounting from the University of Delaware and is a graduate of the Women and Public Policy Program at Harvard University

WQED + Kindness - Mar 28, 2019

WQED’s Delaney Hassell who puts together the WQED Digital Guide and Account Executive Sara Lucci, have helped to organize WQED’s Kindness Initiative celebrating WQED’s 65th anniversary and the legacy of kindness that Fred Rogers embodied. They describe how you can get involved in nominating kind people for special on air recognition on tv and radio, how you can add kind events to the Kindness Tree on the WQED website, where the kindness effort will turn up in the next twelve months and much more leading to a kinder gentler world.

La Boheme - Sean Pannikar - Mar 27, 2019

Anna Singer spoke with Sean Pannikar, a graduate of the Resident artist program of Pittsburgh opera.  He returns to do the iconic role of Rodolfo in Puccini’s La Boheme.

La Boheme - Nicole Cabell - Mar 27, 2019

Nicole Cabell is singing the role of Mimi – Sean and Nicole have had several opportunities to perform these roles on stage together.


La Boheme - Maestro Jean-Luc Tingaud - Mar 27, 2019

Maestro Jean-Luc Tingaud talks about the mastery of Puccini – including the imitation of an accordion in Musetta’s waltz – the accordion being  a very popular instrument in Paris in the 1830’s.

La Boheme - Stepanie Havey - Mar 27, 2019

Stepanie Havey was the first director that participated in the Resident Artist program for Pittsburgh opera.  She is delighted to return to direct Puccini’s La Boheme.

Pittsburgh Concert Society - Mar 26, 2019

Sunday March 31 at 2pm in the Kresge Theater at Carnegie Mellon University the Pittsburgh Concert Society Young Audition Winners will perform. The musicians visited WQED-FM with the Vivo Quartet, Enoch Hsiao , violin Carolyn Carr, violin  Futen Wang, viola and Yunshu Li  playing Shostakovich and Mendelssohn, Aaron Berger joined pianist Amaury Morales to play Saint Saens and Gary Peng played the Brahms Rhapsody in D. They spoke with Jim Cunningham.