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RADical Days - Dusty Elias Kirk & Shannon Musgrave - Sep 23, 2020

WQED-FM's Jim Cunningham spoke with Chair of the RAD Board of Directors, Dusty Elias Kirk, and Shannon Musgrave, Communications Director of RAD, about the 2020 RADical Days events; how they've managed to continue the tradition through the Covid-19 pandemic, and much more.   RADical Days runs from September through November.  For a complete list of events, click here:  https://www.radworkshere.org/pages/radical-days 





Daniel Fleegle - Arts Education - Sep 21, 2020

As a small continuation of the episode on the state of arts education, WQED speaks with Attack Theatre about how they are continuing to offer arts education to teachers, students, and the community. Daniel Fleegle talks about how he became part of the Attack Theatre team and what programs they have that are particularly important during this time.

Daniel Orsen - Sep 17, 2020

Pittsburgh born violist Daniel Orsen has just recorded the Schubert Arpeggione Sonata with pianist Pierre Nicolas Columbay in New Haven Connecticut. Daniel remembers his work with Pittsburgh Symphony violist Marylene Gingras Roy and Kim Kashkashian at the New England Conservatory of Music. He discusses playing percussion in High School in Penn Hills, playing in the Pittsburgh Youth Symphony, describes the instrument Schubert wrote for, suggests some great recordings of Schubert to listen to and details the best pizza places in New Haven in this conversation with Jim Cunningham.

Dan Leers - Carnegie Museum of Art - Sep 16, 2020

Dan Leers, Carnegie Music of Art Photography Curator, discusses "Trevor Paglen: Opposing Geometries" - on view now through March 14th in Gallery One and two locations in the Scaife Galleries.  The exhibit received a full page of notice in the Sunday Arts and Leisure section of the New York Times. Paglen's work at the Pace Gallery in London has also won praise. There is a forthcoming series of podcasts, discussion with Paglen and Leers and a catalog on the way. Leers discusses the measures being taken to assure safety during the pandemic and describes many of the photographs on view with details about their processing and philosophy. 

James Hagerty - Wall Street Journal Obituary Writer - Sep 16, 2020

James R. Hagerty is the Obituary writer for the Wall Street Jornal. He asked for the job and is optimistic not morbid about life. He's suggested how he'd like his own obituary to be written which attracted notice from the BBC World Service Outlook program. Bob suggests how a good obituary should be put together, describes his writing process, remembers some of his subjects and other interesting and award-winning writing he's done on Home Depot, Fannie Mae and the Mount Lebanon library. He's been based in Hong Kong, Paris, and Atlanta but loves Pittsburgh in this conversation with Jim Cunningham.

The Frick Pittsburgh - Driving While Black - Sep 16, 2020

The Frick Pittsburgh presents Dr. Gretchen Sorin, the author of "Driving While Black: American Travel and the Road to Civil Rights" in conversation with Dr. Elizabeth Barker on September 23rd, 7pm in a virtual conversation by Zoom.  Award winning documentarian Ric Burns has produced an upcoming feature film broadcast on PBS and WQED on October 13th. In this interview with Jim Cunningham, Ric and Gretchen talk about their work inspired by the Green Book assembled by Victor Green in 1936 which provided for three decades a way for black families to evade many dangers presented by racist society allowing some freedom on the road.

Marc Masterson - City Theater - Sep 16, 2020

City Theatre's Artistic Director Marc Masterson discusses the ongoing drive-in arts festival at Hazelwood Green. The festival goes from September 10-17, 2020.

Jon Tyllian - Britsburgh - Sep 11, 2020

Organist Jon Tyllian discusses his virtual Zoom concert for the Brittsburgh Festival in the spirit of England’s Last Night of the Proms with poetry readings and the organ at Calvary Church in Shadyside. Jon studied at Duquesne with Anne Labounsky Steele and others. Now he is the Assistant organist at Calvary working with Alan Lewis. In this conversation with Jim Cunningham he talks about the special features of the music program at Calvary, his upcoming Evensong service at St. Andrew’s in Highland Park where he is a regular guest, why he decided to pursue a  career as an organist and the special appeal of English Music.  The concert is free but you must register on the Brittsburgh website:



The State of Arts Education - Sep 8, 2020

National Arts Education Week 2020 goes from September 13-19. Leading up to that week, arts advocates explain what concerns they have about the future of arts education programs in local schools and who is finding creative solutions to the challenges facing  school districts. This episode features an interview with Ed Donovan, president of the school board for the Wilkinsburg School District.

Pam Anderson - Sep 2, 2020

WQED talks with Pam Anderson about her trip to Greenland in September 2017. Ms. Anderson describes the wildlife, the culture and daily life of the people, as well as the ongoing effects of climate change. She also shares what she thinks is most important for us to know about Greenland."