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Elise Adibi - May 28, 2020

Pittsburgh born artist Elise Adibi remembers her father Dr. Siamak Adibi who died May 10th, 2020. Dr Adibi and his wife Joan have been constant supporters of WQED-FM, The Pittsburgh Symphony, Pittsburgh Opera and Chatham Baroque. Elsie mentions in the interview that her father was listening to the sation right up until his last moment on earth.

Dr. Adibi left Iran to study at Johns Hopkins and settled in Pittsburgh in 1966 after practicing in Boston taking the post of chief of gastroenterology and clinical nutrition at Montefiore Hospital and teaching at the Pitt School of Medicine. Dr Adibi wrote two books and was invited back to Iran several times. Elise talks about her work as an artist living in LosAngeles during the pandemic. Dr. Adibi’s funeral will be live streamed on Saturday May 30 at 10am.

Yvonne Hudson - Cocktails and Cuisine - May 14, 2020

Yvonne Hudson spoke with WQED-FM's Anna Singer about "Cocktails and Cuisine," an online event for Crisis Center North.  The event is Friday May 15th, 2020 at 6pm.



Matthew Mehaffey - Mendelssohn Choir of Pittsburgh - Concerts at Home - May 11, 2020

The Robert Page Music Director of the Mendelssohn Choir of Pittsburgh talks from his home in St Paul Minnesota about the Mendelssohn  Fan Faves contest , the thoughts shared with other choral directors about when we’ll get back to singing, the Mendelssohn plans for next fall, what he’s up to in Minnesota during the pandemic and the hits of choral music.

Susan Jaffe - Pittsburgh Ballet Theater - May 6, 2020

The new Artistic Director of Pittsburgh Ballet Theater taking over for Terrence Orr next season Susan Jaffe is a superstar of the dance world. She danced and served as ballet mistress of the American Ballet Theater in New York. Most recently she has been Dean of the School of Dance at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts in Winston Salem where she worked with John Mauceri.  She is looking at a place in O’Hara Township to settle in to life in Pittsburgh, thinking about a new Nutcracker, mulling over plans for upcoming seasons, working in the online world until the pandemic has calmed down, loves classical music, is thinking about a pet to add to her home life, and explains why she wanted to be a dancer in this conversation with Jim Cunningham.  

Frederic Chiu - "Bitter Cold Night" - Apr 17, 2020

Pianist Frederic Chiu joined the CMU Music Faculty last fall.  Now he’s sheltering in place in Westport, Connecticut where he and his wife run Beechwood Arts and Innovation. On April 15th, Frederic joined his Chicago Symphony violinist brother, Cornelius Chiu, to give the world premiere of "Bitter Cold Night" by Gao Ping - written in honor of Li Wen Liang. the Chinese physician who first reported the coronavirus in China but was then forced to retract his statement as a rumor and is now considered a martyr having died of the virus.

James Gourlay - Coronavirus update - Apr 17, 2020

Artistic Director and General Manager James Gourlay updates us on the River City Brass band, the plan for the future, his social distancing, observations on the world wide music shut down, and a remembrance of friends who spent time in London during the blitz of WWII. They said at least they knew when the bombs were coming - now we’re never sure what’s next!  But every missed Pittsburgh Pirate game he is entering as a win being a season ticket holder!

Stephen Schultz - Concerts@Home - Apr 16, 2020

Stephen Schulz, Teaching Professor of Music History & Flute, as well as the Director of the CMU Baroque Ensemble, speaks with JIm Cunningham on the phone from his home in Alameda, California. He fills us in on the status of his Pittsburgh group and the pandemic effects in California.  He’s editing a new cd of Couperin recorded just before the world changed. Stephen runs down the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the west coast music scene and how he’s coping with the extra time at home sharing his thoughts on the music scene around the globe and for his students in Pittsburgh.

Patricia Halverson - Chatham Baroque - Stay Home with WQED-FM - Apr 9, 2020

WQED-FM's Jim Cunningham checks in with Chatham Baroque member Patricia Halverson.  She talks about how the coronavirus has affected Chatham Baroque's spring; how the members are dealing with the virus and upcoming plans for the group.



Christopher Hahn - Stay Home with WQED-FM - Apr 9, 2020

Pittsburgh Opera General Director Christopher Hahn called in during Anna Singer's shift to talk about how the opera is dealing with the coronavirus; their Intermezzo online series, and much more.



Stay Home with James Blachly - Apr 8, 2020

Johnstown Symphony Orchestra Music Director James Blachly checks in with Jim Cunningham to talk about how the Orchestra is dealing with the coronavirus.  He discusses how the virus impacted the 2019-2020 season, as well as discusses the next season.