Donald Miller - "Architecture of Benno Janssen"

Original airdate 
Sep 28, 2020

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette writer and architecture critic Donald Miller wrote for the paper from 1956 through 1999. His labor of love - "The Architecture of Benno Janssen" - took six years to complete with a gorgeous hardbound book featuring color photography by Edward Massery as the result It is the definitive book on the esteemed architect who did much of his work for Pittsburgh with the Mellon Institute, Elm Court, La Tourelle, Kaufmann’s  and Horne’s department stores, Rolling Rock, the William Penn Hotel, the Pittsburgh Athletic Association and many others his permanent legacy. In this interview from his home in Florida, Donald speaks with Jim Cunningham about Janssen’s art and with digressions on Andy Warhol, Donald’s upcoming book on Pittsburgh people including James Wonokur and a few other topics along the way.  

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