Dr. Victor Bobetsky

Original airdate 
Apr 5, 2019

Sunday April 7 at 2pm at Carnegie Library's Main Branch in the Sounds Upstgairs series  Dr. Victor V. Bobetsky will  present the origins of the song “We Shall Overcome.” Dr. Bobetsky will highlight several precursor songs whose texts and/or melodies may have influenced the “We Shall Overcome” we know today, and present melodies and texts with significance for the cultural experience and heritage of people around the world. The audience will have the opportunity to learn and sing some of the remarkable antecedent songs that bring the origins of “We Shall Overcome” to life. he previews this event from his office at Hunter College with Jim Cunningham.  Dr. Bobetsky is the editor of the book We Shall Overcome: Essays on a Great American Song and has published articles examining the origins, history, and educational implications of “We Shall Overcome” and other freedom songs.

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