Elizabeth Huffman

Original airdate 
May 25, 2022

June 17th through July 2nd at the Carnegie Stage in Carnegie, PA, "Not My Revolution" is a one woman play created by Elizabeth Huffman and directed by Louanne Moldovan. The play was inspired by the 1967 Josef Bush play "French Gray."  "Not My Revolution" travels back and forth in time between Marie Antoinette’s imprisonment during the French Revolution in 1793 and a ghetto in Istanbul in 2011 where a once wealthy Syrian art dealer is struggling to survive catastrophic losses due to the civil war in her country. Elizabeth tells her story to Jim Cunningham with her work around the globe and concentration in creating companies in Los Angeles and New York. In LA, she acted and directed with the Classical Theatre Lab. In 2005, she former her own company ICAP, with over 40 classically trained actors from around the world. In 2009, Elizabeth began working for two years as Interim Artistic Director for Classic Greek Theater of Oregon in Portland.  Elizabeth has family ties to the Mon Valley and has returned home recently with hopes of contributing to the local scene.

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