Lee Pringle

Original airdate 
Jun 8, 2020

Lee Pringle, the Founder and Artistic Director of the Colour of Music Black Classical Musicians Festival Orchestra shares his thoughts about the reaction to the death of George Floyd and the protests around the country following his death. What people who love classical music and the arts might do to join the movement toward understanding  and diversity in the orchestra world, about the William Grant Still Symphony the orchestra performs in their Youtube video statement on George Floyd and a summary of his views regarding the slow rate of change in the orchestra world and the challenges African American artists face in progressing during non pandemic times made even more difficult during the pandemic. Lee Pringle points out that European nations have always celebrated their native culture whether Germans, Russians or Israelis and the Chinese have had a world wide focus with Shen Yun generating a much broader audience for music and art from China.  American government and foundations though have been almost silent in supporting African American art and music. He suggests that the NEA support of American orchestras is structured in a way that makes it extremely difficult to find adequate support for people of color who have always faced the frustration of acquiring entrance to an art form that has remained almost exclusively Caucasian across more than a century in the US.    

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