Sarah Brightman

Original airdate 
Jan 30, 2019

Sarah Brightman, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Christine in Phantom of the Opera, arrives at the Benedum Center February 12th with her new album "Hymn" as the center for a concert with orchestra and choir. She talks about the new album, how "Time to Say Goodbye" came to be a giant worldwide hit. Working with Lorin Maazel on recording the Webber Requiem and what she wore at the sessions, her classical music influences and where they came from.  Is it true that Sir Andrew wouldn’t allow Phantom to open in New York unless she sang Chrtistine? Yes. Sarah explains how she helped in creating the role of Christine. Will she have rose petals, ballet dancers, smoke, fans, a Cleopatra crown and Esther Williams swimmers in the Pittsburgh show? She shares everything with Jim Cunningham and says she loves dining in Squirrel Hill.

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Series: Voice of the Arts