Sylvia Fields, Janine Woods and Alejandra Castillo - YWCA

Original airdate 
Jul 24, 2019

The Executive Director of the Eden Hall Foundation, RAD Board Member, and national YWCA Board member, Sylvia Fields, stopped by the QED Morning Show - bringing along the new CEO of the Pittsburgh YWCA, Janine Woods, and the CEO of the YWCA nationally Alejandra Castillo. They spoke about the work of the Y and the efforts to empower women, help achieve parity in wages among women and men, work with racial inequality for women, and much more.  Listening to music by English suffragist Ethel Smyth, they spoke about the suffrage movement and the role of the arts in women’s lives pointing out that some of the Y facilities have had world class architectural design and promote music and the arts. Sylvia Fields spoke about the work of the Eden Hall Foundation and its affiliation with Chatham University.  As they point out in closing, The Village People have a popular song titled YMCA but the YWCA sing a song of love every day the door has opened for the last century and a half.

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