Robert Reich - Jan 11, 2010

Having served in the Ford, Carter and Clinton administrations, and as a member of President Obama's economic transition advisory board, Reich is well regarded as one of the nation's leading thinkers on business, labor and the economy. As Secretary of Labor he worked to pass the Retirement Protection Act, the Family Medical Leave Act and increased the minimum wage for hourly workers.

Pittsburgh Traffic & Weather - Dec 15, 2009

From the Heinz Chapel Choir's 2009 holiday concerts, here is director John Goldsmith's modern take on Pittsburgh winter driving, set to old Anglican church melodies.

John Lithgow - Dec 3, 2009

Actor John Lithgow talks about Mozart's Requiem, as he narrates a recreation of Mozart's funeral mass with the PSO. He also talks about his books and songs for kids, the TV series Dexter and Third Rock, his Broadway roles, and more.

Dance Alloy's Greer Reed-Jones - Dec 2, 2009

A Pittsburgh native and alumna of Dayton Contemporary Dance Co., Greer Reed-Jones became Artistic Director of Dance Alloy in summer '09. As she prepares her first main stage concert with the Alloy, she talks about her vision for the company, the program "Alloy Unlocked," and meeting her husband, jazz trumpet sensation Sean Jones.

Sa Chen - Nov 25, 2009

The Chinese-born pianist talks about Sichuan food, Tchaikovsky and his Concerto #1, her first American Thanksgiving, her career development, Germany, and meeting Van Cliburn as a medalist at his namesake competition.

Ruzich Recaps Laura Bush - Nov 24, 2009

Connie Ruzich summarizes the remarks of Laura Bush at the Pittsburgh Speakers Series. Bush spoke about family, literacy, favorite books, vital volunteer organizations, and her indelible experiences as First Lady.