A Grand Tour of Vienna - May 25, 2010

QED 89.3's Jim Cunningham goes on a Vienna tour bus to a wine restaurant filled with a accordion music and gemütlichkeit. Percussionist Michael Pape visits the #1 place for Wiener Schnitzel. Violinist Laura Motchalov tries out an iPad, and talks about the tour audiences.

Day Off on the Danube - May 25, 2010

Bassoonist James Rodgers visits the zoo and the refurbished St. Stephen's Cathedral (Staphansdom), QED 89.3's Jim Cunningham meets a member of the Vienna Philharmonic, and PSO Concertmaster Andres Cardenes taks about making his final tour with the orchestra.

RCBB's James Gourlay - May 25, 2010

Meet James Gourlay, the Scottish-born conductor and tuba virtuoso who becomes Music Director of the River City Brass Band in September, 2010. Currently director of Britain's Grimethorpe Colliery Band, he has plans to take the RCBB to a higher artistic level, refocus its programming, and get John Q. Public playing in a brass band. As an orchestral musician, he has played for some of the world's most renowned conductors.

Delightful Prague - May 24, 2010

The Pittsburgh Symphony played at Smetana Hall in Prague, in the Czech Republic. Beforehand, Principal Oboe Cynthia Koledo DeAlmeida and Principal Bass Trombone Murray Crewe marveled at the old town square, which seems to combine the delights of many European capitals. Jim encounters Dan Dennehy from the Katz Graduate School at Pitt; Jack Allen, President & CEO of all-classical KPBS in Portland, Oregon; and PSO Friends Gail and Greg Harbaugh.

Dresden's Semperoper - May 24, 2010

The Pittsburgh Symphony played for a live audience and delayed radio broadcasts at Dresden's Semperoper. QED 89.3's Jim Cunningham brings us the sounds of street music, cellist Jan Vogler in rehearsal with the PSO, and orchestra violinist Louis Lev meeting an idol, chess grandmaster Wolfgang Uhlmann. Hornist Joseph Rounds gets a sense of the Semperoper Orchestra just by looking at their backstage stuff, and Jim meets Deutschland Radio's Isobel Roth.

Battle of the Bulge - May 22, 2010

At the halfway point of the PSO's campaign through Europe, QED 89.3's Jim Cunningham hears from percussionist John Soroka about his visit to one of WWII's most important battlefields. Matthias Naske, Director General of the Philharmonie Luxembourg, assesses the PSO's two concerts in Luxembourg.