Cologne, Germany 31 Jan 08 PM - Feb 1, 2008

After the Wuppertal concert, Jim describes the beautifully-restored hall in Janowski's home region, violinist Julia Fischer's stage presence, and more Cologne Carnival atmosphere. Audio of Brahms 4th, Leonidas Kavakos, and Andrew Reamer.

Hanover, Germany 01 Feb 08 AM - Feb 1, 2008

Fresh on arrival in Hanover, Jim recaps the concert in Wupperta, with a spectacular encore by violinist Julia Fischer, rhythmic applause, and a PSO friend visiting from Dortmund. Audio of Florian Wiegand, Brahms, Wuppertal's mayor, and Fischer's Hindemith.

Cologne, Germany 30 Jan 08 PM - Jan 31, 2008

Carnival atmosphere in Cologne. Violinist Leonidas Kavakos impresses PSO and audience. PSO's new Brahms CD is released in Europe. Audio of Brahms, Kavakos.

Cologne, Germany 31 Jan 08 AM - Jan 31, 2008

Cologne goes wild before Lent, where Jim reports on the PSO conducted by Janowski. Audio of violinist Leonidas Kavakos, who plays Brahms and Bach, reveler Ute Becker, and percussionist Andrew Reamer.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands 29 Jan 08 PM - Jan 30, 2008

Jim recaps the PSO's concert at Amsterdam's busy Concertgebouw, Jansons' whereabouts, the city's oldest house, Pittsburgh expatriate Albert Manders. Audio of Brahms.

Cologne, Germany 30 Jan 08 AM - Jan 30, 2008

Pre-Lenten traditions in Cologne, Germany. Amsterdam concert recap. Jansons' plea for funding. Audio of Kavakos in Brahms and Bach, and Mayor Luke Ravenstahl.