Latest Episodes:

Beth Dolinar - The Growing Field - Oct 13, 2022

Multiple time Emmy Award winning producer Beth Dolinar discusses her new program "The Growing Field: Future Jobs in Agriculture" with Jim Cunningham airing on WQED13 October 20th at 8pm and available online from the PBS Video App. Robotic plant watering, new technology in growing crops and raising animals, an automated dairy farm in Washington County and much more on the topic list.

Albert Manders - Oct 12, 2022

Albert Manders grew up in Pittsburgh, but now lives and performs the flute in Amsterdam.  WQED-FM's Jim Cunningham sat down with Albert the last time he was in town to ask what he's been up to recently.   

Moon Doh - Radical Days Concert - Oct 10, 2022

Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Assistant Conductor Moon Doh presents the orchestra's Free Radical Days concert at Heinz Hall on Tuesday October 11th, 7:30pm.   While on the European Tour, Jim Cunningham asked Maestro Doh about the pieces on the Radical Days concert.  



Fabien Gabel - Oct 7, 2022

Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Guest Conductor Fabien Gabel spoke to WQED-FM's Jim Cunningham about this weekend's concerts with music by Ravel, Moussa, Chausson, and Stravinsky.  

Karen Gomyo - Oct 7, 2022

This weekend's Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra concerts feature violinist Karen Gomyo playing Chausson's Poeme for Violin and Orchestra, as well as the US Premiere of the Violin Concerto by Samy Moussa.  Karen spoke to WQED-FM's Jim Cunningham about the pieces.   

Mark Rylance - Oct 7, 2022

Mark Rylance is a famed British actor, playwright, and theatre director.  He's also the husband of Claire van Kampen who is directing Quantum Theater's production of Idaspe, taking place at the Byham Theater from October 7th through the 15th.  Mark stopped by WQED-FM to talk to Anna Singer about Idaspe and more.