Welcome NEBBY Neighbors!

We sent out a lot of NEBBY buttons last week and cards that invited folks to come and see this blog. So I hope that’s why you’re here. We hope if you find any of these entries interesting or unusual that you’ll share a link on social media. We’re offering this blog exclusively to Rickstarter Backers, but we hope you will help get the word out about upcoming shows.

Our first NEBBY program is scheduled for October 5 at 8 pm on WQED: A SHORT HISTORY OF ROUTE 88. Tune in! It’s scheduled already for several repeats, and we may stream it live for a while around the premiere for people outside the WQED viewing area. We’ll keep you posted.

If you’re baffled about the Isaly’s coupon (expired 9/1/2017) that came with the button, I have to say that I’m sorry. My fault.

Isaly’s Ice Cream was kind enough to make those coupons for us back in May, but we’ve been too slow getting all the other materials ready, and none of us noticed that the coupons had expired. Again my apologies. It was our fault, not Isaly’s!

We haven’t finished all the fulfillment for all the categories of donors, but we’re working on that. And we’re editing this first show now, so we’ve got lots of irons in the fire! That you again for helping to make this all possible!

The Joe Montana Bridges on Route 43 pass high above Route 88 near the entrance to Mingo Creek County Park.

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