An extra drone shot of Route 88 at Route 51

We obviously don’t use all the shots we gather when making one of our programs, but sometimes there are very cool and unusual images that end up on what used to be called “the editing room floor.” Now they end up on a hard drive somewhere.

This silent video is from our very first shoot with Matt Conrad and his drone. It’s an overhead shot of the intersection of Route 88 and 51, but the perspective offers few familiar elements, so it’s not apparent immediately where we are. It might be Los Angeles! Matt makes a few adjustments, but the whole shot is pretty elegant.

Sometimes you can see my blue Honda Element parked all by itself beside an empty lot on the left side of the screen. We are standing near there, but we are smaller than ants in the video.

You also get a pretty good shot of what  cameraman Frank Caloiero calls the “Lost Island Of The Rite Aid” about 55 seconds into the shot. When PennDOT reconfigured this intersection a few years back, they surrounded the Rite Aid with roads, making a sort of island for the drug store and its parking lots.


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