Tuesday 8.22.2017: The New Eagle Atlas, Cindy Chester and the Fredericktown Butcher Shop

When you drive south on 88 from Finleyville and the road makes a T with Route 837, you’re already in New Eagle, PA. You turn right, heading South. When you get toward the center of New Eagle, the road (let’s call it “88/837”) bears to the left, and then straightens out parallel to the Monongahela River.

Right there at that northern end of New Eagle, you probably will notice on the right side of the road the large golden statue of Atlas holding up a huge globe that represents the Earth. If he looks familiar, you may recognize him from when he used to stand outside a European Health Spa when there were several of those health clubs in the Pittsburgh area and across the country. Continue reading “Tuesday 8.22.2017: The New Eagle Atlas, Cindy Chester and the Fredericktown Butcher Shop”

On Tuesday 8.15.2017, it’s cinnamon rolls and an armored-car robbery.

This morning we hope to be in Charleroi by 9 AM at the little bakery called Simply Baked on McKean Avenue (that’s what Route 88 North is called in Charleroi) but we’re a few minutes late. The shop’s owner and baker Adam Standard is rolling out dough in the front window when we pull up and park.

He’s already prepped and baked the donuts, the cookies, and assorted cheesecakes that are his specialty. So we interview Adam as he rolls and cuts the cinnamon rolls, and we watch as he puts them in and pulls them out of the oven. Continue reading “On Tuesday 8.15.2017, it’s cinnamon rolls and an armored-car robbery.”

Thursday 8.10.2017 Cemeteries & Barbecue Interviews

We started late today, leaving WQED around 2:30 PM, heading for 4th Street BBQ in Charleroi, knowing that we would have some time to get some shots we needed. Our first stop was in Castle Shannon to get a shot of Feller’s Garage that we hoped would kick off our list of cool old gas stations all along Route 88.

A Castle Shannon landmark on Route 88.

It’s not far from Feller’s to Connor Road where we turned in to the St John The Baptist Byzantine Catholic Cemetery to get a shot or two of Andy Warhol’s grave. Frank notices that if you turn around at the tombstone, you get two good views of Route 88 through the trees. Continue reading “Thursday 8.10.2017 Cemeteries & Barbecue Interviews”

Tuesday Time-Lapse on Route 88 on 8/8/2017

I’m re-learning some of my blogging skills. And I was lamenting that I should post something about all of our 6 or 7 production days on NEBBY so far, and Frank Caloiero my cameraman (and often honorary co-producer) on these programs said, “Just get today done, and you can worry about past working days later.”
OK. So here we go.

Route 88 is a cool old two-lane state highway. This scene is just south of Carmichaels, PA.

Continue reading “Tuesday Time-Lapse on Route 88 on 8/8/2017”

Fantasy into Reality

Yikes. It’s going to happen. Seven (7!) NEBBY Programs.

When you create a Kickstarter campaign, the whole thing is usually a fantasy. You don’t know if you’ll make your goal, so you don’t do a lot of prep work. You fantasize. What would I like to make if I had the bucks? That’s what I did when I put together the Rickstarter.org pages.

Then, thanks to you, we made our goal and surpassed it. $142,777.

Now we have to get to work. Continue reading “Fantasy into Reality”