5:00 AM
Odd SquadReindeer GamesOlive and Otto help Santa find his reindeer; Oscar helps Ms. O get off Santa's naughty list.
6:00 AM
CyberchaseA Murky Mystery in MermaidosOn his annual trip to visit Eugene, Digit finds out that poor conditions in Mermaidos have forced many of the fish from their home.
6:30 AM
CyberchaseSnow Day to Be ExactThe team uses estimation to recover the sunisphere from Hacker.
7:00 AM
WordGirlEl Queso Mysterioso; Putt With HonorThe Botsford family spends time together at the Magical Magicians Convention; Becky catches Eileen cheating during the minigolf tournament.
8:00 AM
Martha SpeaksThe Puppy Tooth Fairy; Martha's Blue PeriodMartha and Skits become the Puppy Tooth Fairies; Martha feels blue when Helen goes to art camp.