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Lexa Terrestrial

Lexa Terrestrial invades Pittsburgh's South Side for an out of this world performance.

Lyn Starr

Pittsburgh native Lyn Starr is a talented artist whose history ranges from opera to R&B.


This trio balances heavy screaming and vocal melodies to create a unique hard rock sound.

The Vindys

Youngstown's The Vindys blend together alt-rock, musicianship and infectious energy.

Frantic Orange

Pittsburgh-based alternative duo Frantic Orange performs at Mr. Smalls Recording Studio.

Mars Jackson

Merging hip hop and soul, Mars Jackson performs "Standing on Oxygen" and "Look Up."

Pat Coyle

Pat Coyle is a Pittsburgh-based singer/songwriter performing here at Mr. Smalls Studio.

About WQED Sessions

A direct-to-web series highlighting Pittsburgh's vibrant musical community. Do you have an artist you'd like to see featured? Visit to send us a suggestion.

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